His religious quest and discovery, his austere simplicity and great self-denial, his humble sharing with others the light with which he himself was illumined, his loving tenderness for all living creatures are all inspiring and instructive for all time. He strictly adhered to the characteristic virtues of an ideal sage practising Ahimsa Non-violence , Sathya Truthfulness , Asteya Non-stealing , Brahmacharya Celibacy and Aparigraha Non-Acquisition as an exemplar of this mode of life. His influence widened the vision of many and imparted self-confidence to innumerable people, leaving a mark in the religious attitude of a large section of people. Material deprivation failed to dampen his spirit and penury could not hamper Swamikal from becoming a mastermind by his own latent genius and prodigious intellectual industry.

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Vidyadhiraja Chattambi Swami Thiruvadikal was one of the most worshipped spiritual leaders of our country. Vasudeva Sharma Anandasharma was his father and Thirunanga mother. He could not join a school for his studies due to the poor condition of his family. Athiyar Mutt and knowing this he was permitted to sit inside the classroom. After his education, he practiced document writing as a job. He was also served as an Accountant in the Government Secretariat.

He also learnt Tamil vedic works from Pandit Swaminatha Desika. He became a disciple of the famous pandit and scholar Subha Jatapathikal. He traveled thoughout South India and attained knowledge in different languages and religions. On return, he obtained expert training in the art of yoga from Admananda Swamikal.

Pracheena Malayalam is a precious research thesis as far as the Nair community is concerned. Swamikal refutes the fabricated story that Kerala was a gifted land of Brahmins by Parasurama.

He strongly refutes this story through valid and authoritative documents and through realistic vision. This book is the authoritative history of Kerala and that of the Nair community. He established that Nairs were the leaders of the people.

Kerala was not a gifted land of Brahmins but Brahmins migrated to Kerala and took possession of the land and property of Nairs and gradually made them their dependents. The book also reveals that Nairs were the early inhabitants and rulers of Kerala and they excelled themselves in warfare, physical strengthy, weaponry and cleanliness.

The foreign travelers in early times who visited Kerala made made special mention about the lorships and war tactics of Nairs. The seventh chapter of Pracheena Malayalam contains quotations of this type of versions.

The V edadhikara Niroopanam proves that Vedas are not the monopoly of Brahmins, but all Hindus alike can verse it. He established that even Sudras had the right to learn Vedas as knowledge is essential to all people like food and water and that no body has the right to deny them.

These two writings contributed for the social progress of Kerala by breaking the supremacy of Brahmins and by doing away with the superstitious beliefs and customs in society. It also contributed much for the social reforms of Sree Narayana Guru. Samadhi Smarakam at Panmana Ashram. Elamkulam Kunjan Pillai remarked that Sri.

Vidhyadhiraja Chattambi Swamikal was a multi-faced personality. He was a saint ithout the saffron, a saint who attained divine knowledge without performing Thapass lonely prayer in jungle , a friend of the world who loved all creations alike, great philosopher who pioneered the social relations without being a part of it, a famous scholar who had no higher education, an expert who built up his knowledge out of his experience, a social reformer who succeeded in establishing cordial relations between different communities and a learned intellectual genius of our times.

Attacked caste and associated with Izhavas. Said to have taught yoga to Sri. Please visit the following link to see a documentary about chattambi swamkal directed by public relations department of Government of Kerala.


Chattampi Swamikal

Sri M writes about Chattambi Swami, an eminent yogi, a great scholar and social reformer from Kerala on his birth anniversary, 25 August , in the Malayala Manorama daily. Chattambi swami was born in when the caste system in Kerala was at its zenith. The social environment in Kerala was so deplorable that Swami Vivekananda condemned the state as a mental asylum. As the Nairs followed the matrilineal tradition, Swami was recognized in social circles as a Nair.


Chattambi Swamikal Mahasamadhi observance

Vedadikara Nirupanam of Chattampi Swami infused a very powerful reformation movement in Kerala. It is a very large work written at many places during the wandering life of Swami, but we have got only a minor part. The work was completed in , but was published in The custom that Sudra should not learn Veda that existed in Kerala and all over India is logically challenged in this work. Establishing with supporting evidence that Sudra and other low castes also have the right to knowledge; Swami launched a religious and cultural revolution. According to him Vedas are tools to distinguish between dharma and adharma. Vedic knowledge is essential for attaining moksha and hence it is required for every human being.


Swamikal along with his contemporary Sree Narayana Guru strived to reform the heavily ritualistic and caste-ridden Hindu society of the late 19th century Kerala. Chattampi Swamikal denounced the Orthodox interpretation of Hindu texts citing sources from the Vedas. Swamikal also worked for the emancipation of women and encouraged them to come to the forefront of society. He said that the enslavement of women was a manifestation of male arrogance.

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