Edward Leedskalnin On Education:. All those books that people became educated from twenty-five years ago, are wrong now, and those that are good now, will be wrong again twenty-five years from now. So if they are wrong then, they are also wrong now, and the one who is educated from the wrong books is not educated, he is misled. All books that are written are wrong, the one who is not educated cannot write a book and the one who is educated, is really not educated but he is misled and the one who is misled cannot write a book which is correct.

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He was also known for his obscure theories on magnetism. Little is known of his childhood, aside from the fact that he was not wealthy and achieved only a fourth-grade education. Edward was a sickly boy, and often spent his time inside reading books; he dropped out of school because it bored him, but did develop a yearning for knowledge. Then, after contracting a case of tuberculosis , Leedskalnin moved to the warmer climate of Florida around , where he purchased a small piece of land in Florida City.

Over the next 20 years, Leedskalnin putatively constructed and lived within a massive coral monument he called "Rock Gate Park", dedicated to the girl who had left him years before.

He used various basic tools, several made from timber and parts of an old Ford ; first he built a house out of coral and timber, then he gradually built the monuments for which he is famous.

He was a surprisingly accommodating host, even cooking hot dogs for visiting children in a pressure cooker of his own invention. When people asked Leedskalnin how he had moved all of the stone by himself, he refused to give over his method and would only reply to whoever was asking with the same statement: "I understand the laws of weight and leverage and I know the secrets of the people who built the pyramids being those at the site at Giza in Egypt.

This building was originally located in Florida City in the s; then in the mids Leedskalnin hired a truck and driver [4] to move it to its present location on a acre 4. Leedskalnin suffered a stroke at one point, either before he left for the hospital or at the hospital. He died twenty-eight days later of pyelonephritis a kidney infection at the age of His death certificate noted that his death was a result of "uremia; failure of kidneys, as a result of the infection and abscess.

During his lifetime, Leedskalnin published five pamphlets , advertising them in local newspapers. His first and longest booklet, a treatise on moral education , is printed on only the left-hand pages, and begins with the following preface:. In the first section, Leedskalnin vents his anger at his "Sweet Sixteen", arguing that girls should be kept pure, and that boys are primarily a soiling influence upon them.

The second section continues along the theme of moral education, with several aphorisms aimed at parents regarding the proper way to raise children.

The last, "Political" section, reveals that the reclusive Leedskalnin had strong political views. He advocates voting for property owners only and in proportion to their holdings , and argues that "Anyone who is too weak to make his own living is not strong enough to vote. Some writers have suggested that Leedskalnin's booklet contains further information on his electromagnetic research and philosophies encoded in its pages, and the blank pages are provided for the reader to fill in their decrypted solutions.

Leedskalnin's ideas may appear unusual. He wrote that a mother's most important task is to ensure that her daughter remains "chaste and faithful": [4]. Leedskalnin's other four pamphlets addressed his theories on the interaction of electricity , magnetism and the body; Leedskalnin also included a number of simple experiments to validate his theories.

Contradicting the standard model of electromagnetism, his thesis is based upon the theory that the metal itself is not the magnet and that the real magnets are circulating in the metal. These individual north and south pole magnets are particles smaller than atoms or photons and each particle in the substance was an individual magnet by itself. Leedskalnin claimed that all matter was being acted upon by what he called "individual magnets". He also claimed that scientists of his time were looking in the wrong place for their understanding of electricity and that they were only observing "one half of the whole concept" with "one sided tools of measurement".

For instance:. Ed Leedskalnin, Coral Castle and the mystery surrounding how he built it are plot foundations of the novel Cincinnatus. It was based on the love story of Leedskalnin and his runaway girl.

The video was recorded in the Coral Castle of Florida. He also wrote this song there. My Dashboard Get Published. Sign in with your eLibrary Card close. Edward Leedskalnin. Retrieved Eccentric lives and peculiar notions. Categories Articles with hCards Articles containing Latvian-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from November Articles with unsourced statements from May births deaths People from Gulbene Municipality People from the Governorate of Livonia American people of Latvian descent Latvian emigrants to the United States Latvian sculptors Artists from Miami, Florida Deaths from renal failure 20th-century American sculptors.

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Who Was The Mysterious Ed Leedskalnin, Creator of the Coral Castle?

Little is known of his childhood, aside from the fact that his parents were not wealthy and he received only a fourth-grade formal education. Edward was a sickly boy who often spent time reading books, helping him to develop an inquisitive mind and life-long yearning for knowledge. It was suggested that he learned stonemasonry from his father and practiced this craft in Latvia after coming of age. At the age of 26 he was engaged to marry Agnes Skuvst who was ten years younger. He then decided to emigrate to North America. After looking for suitable work around the East Coast until August, he relocated to the Pacific Northwest , which was experiencing a logging boom. On June 5, while in Oregon he filled in his draft registration stating that he was self-employed and engaged in ax-handle manufacturing.

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