Tilman Hoppstock born is a classical guitarist , cellist and musicologist from Germany. He studied both guitar and cello in Darmstadt and Cologne. His concert career began in and brought him to about 40 countries all over the world. Invitations to international music festivals in Europe and overseas, as well as to the Royal Academy of Music London , the Manhattan School of Music New York and the University of Southern California Los Angeles , have been further highlights of his multifaceted career. He also publishes music, including songs by Schubert, modern works written specially for him Karl-Wieland Kurz 's I giardini del sogno , [1] for example , his own compositions and arrangements of music from the Baroque period. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Bach the artist has so far recorded throughout his career. On CD2, nine of the concluding tracks involve less frequently heard arrangements, the participation of other guitarists in a duo context, and two performances with piccolo cellist Rainer Zipperling. These publications contain dozens of musical examples, enriched by compact discs within each book that actually give a rendering of each highlighted detail.

The quality of these recordings is first-class throughout and superbly well re-mastered, so there is none of the jarring technological dislocation that often afflicts compilations of tracks from various years. But even better are the moments of special beauty Hoppstock achieves at certain points in this program, such as in the Sarabande from French Suite No.

If you want blatant virtuosity combined with elegance,his Prelude in E from BWV a, recorded, reveals a dazzling dexterity as fast and clean as any violinist. If one thinks Hoppstock is excessively exuberant here, he still plays the piece slower than the baroque violinist Sigiswald Kuijken, who rattles this Prelude off in and the Chaconne in I cite these statistics not as evidence of anything aesthetically evaluative, but only as factual data which does affect our response to the music one way or another.

Hoppstock, the new boy on the block in , is now an international artist to be reckoned with and has been for a long while. If he has a turn of speed from time to time where he deems it necessary, he can also play slow movements with a commanding beauty of phrase and tone.

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Hoppstock: Vol. 1 - BWV 995/996 Engl.



CD REVIEW: Johann Sebastian Bach: Works for Guitar


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