If you are always dependent on someone else for swash setup, it really takes the joy out of the hobby; never mind missing out on the wonderful feeling of accomplishment once you fully understand the process as you strive for setup perfection. There really isn't much info covering all the aspects of proper and correct CCPM swashplate setup from servo interaction and direction, levelling tools, setting collective and cyclic range, differences in flybarless vs flybar setup etc. This is a big topic after all, and why I felt it so important to write an eBook on the subject to help you understand what it's all about by showing a logical step by step process with over photos to help out with the explanations. As with my other eBooks, I'm not going to bore or insult you with a endless sales pitch. I will show you what's in the swashplate setup eBook by way of excerpts taken from the eBook, the table of contents, ordering information, and some testimonials at the bottom of the page. I am going to be making four assumptions that are required to properly set up an electronically mixed swashplate:.

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Below are some of the best rc helicopter ebooks out there, written by those who have been there and done it! All are highly recommended and essential reading if you're serious about getting in to the exhilarating hobby of flying a radio control helicopter.

RC heli flying is very involved, especially as you start getting in to the collective pitch helicopters. Having an ebook to hand ensures that you will have all the necessary info right there in one place, and you won't need to spend endless hours on the web searching for the help you need.

All of the ebooks on this page can be considered essential reading, if relevant to your particular heli, and the help and information contained within them is as good as you'll get.

Taking you safely through the stages of learning to fly an rc helicopter, it's an essential read for anyone entering the radio control helicopter sector of RC flying. Focusing on, but not limited to, the E-flite Blade , this ebook will take you through the setup process for flying your 3D heli confidently as a trainer, as well as covering many other aspects of electric rc helicopter flying, including those inevitable 'heavy landings'!

Highly recommended! Getting the most out of your Blade mSR covers all the tips and tricks you need to know to take full advantage of this amazing little heli. Essential reading for any mSR owner. Beginner RC Helicopters. RC airplane magazines and books.



Hardware installation. Radio system. AttitudeControl Self leveling. Bank Switching. Factory reset. Firmware update. Also you can set nearly any other kind of swash mixing and swash geometry with the StudioX app if required.

IFM 01D100 PDF

RC helicopter ebooks

There are many different servo arrangements for both three and four servo swashplates. The swashplate library covers all of the popular configurations for both three and four servo swashplates. If you have a unique swashplate, you can also use the generic three servo swashplate. Linearize servo is a feature that you can use for both three and four servo swashplates however it is optional for the three servo swashplates as there is no chance for binding. It will most likely always be required for four servo swashplates because of the potential for binding in a four point attachment. Prior to beginning the swashplate set up, be sure that your helicopter control linkages are set up in accordance with the assembly instructions.





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