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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. I need to select 1 of 4 logic inputs, all using 3. The maximum frequency they're going to see is a 20MHz square wave. One of the selectable inputs is going to be fed a 10MHz reference clock from a TCXO, another one will be from an external reference, while third one is going to be the frequency to be measured.

My question here is what can I get away with using? Suggestions very much appreciated. First take your 20MHz period - 50ns. Now look in the 74HC datasheet at the transition time Tt. If you're looking at the TI datasheet you can just keep wondering since they don't explain it.

Looking further down at the diagram and you'll see that TtHL and TtLH are the time it takes for the output to go from high all the way to low or from low all the way to high. Your 20MHz signal will have two transitions in 50nS. Going back to the Tt specification, you can see that this will work "Typically" at 4.

Conservative designers don't want their circuits to only work "Typically" so they choose the "Max" values and consider the temperature range. Note that once you increase the temperature range and start talking about "Max" values, the output doesn't transition nearly fast enough.

So this is one of those situations where HC may work just fine depending on the part you have and the temperature you're operating at. But maybe not! Thanks for the tips! Not going to try my luck and use a different approach. The reason why I mentioned the 74HC line selector is that I already use it in several places and I was thinking it could be used to select which tri-state buffer should pass the signal in case I'm pairing it with a 74HC or 74LVCA. Would it be a better idea if I used some gates to build a multiplexer along with the 74HC instead of the tri-state buffers?

There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.


74HC153 multiplexer. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Purchase Inquiry Parametric search. Purchase and Sample Please contact one of Toshiba's official distributors or the nearest Toshiba sales office. Global Sales Contact You can search for and purchase a small on-line sample by clicking on the following link. Document select all download for selected If the checkbox is invisible, the corresponding document cannot be downloaded in batch. Notes The Part Number column shows representative part numbers only, which may not be available for sale in the precise form shown. Each Part Number constitutes a product family which may contain multiple associated product configurations.


74HC153 Datasheet PDF


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