M is the lightest sliding system for the lowest cost investment. Ideal proposal for low-cost solutions without compromising quality. M consists of a low-cost proposal for sliding systems without thermal break. Supports all known sliding typologies and offers an alternative to those who pay attention to the investment cost. Exterior aesthetics: Curved. M is a non thermal break system for sturdy, very high sliding doors, covering all kind of typologies, with the unique characteristic of a totally concealed in the floor stainless steel rail.

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Sliding system with high quality that provides a maximum passageway due to unconventionally large sliding wings sizes. Furthermore the thermal barrier provides very high levels of thermal protection, insulation and comfort. This highly insulating sliding system, accordion type, is with straight, clean design and a wide range for opening possibilities.

The system perfectly links up to the CS 86 series. The new CP can be upgraded to High Insulation HI in order to achieve even better insulation values, which makes the system suitable for low energy buildings.

CP is available with various opening possibilities and the low threshold option offers a solution to improve the buildings accessibility. Optional automatic opening solutions guarantee a maximum of comfort.

The lift-slide system allows the creation of glazed doors with extreme dimensions and weights up to kg. It also offers an aesthetical minimalistic middle section.

Additionally, CP can comply with burglar resistance class 2, offering a safe and secure solution. The manual sliding action and double rails allow almost unlimited design solutions for your project. Each structure allows access to more light thanks to the narrow visible profile width between the wings — 37 mm. This system can be performed with automated wings, sized up to mm wide and mm high, with a maximum sash weight up to kg.

Enjoy an infinite view with ultimate performances! The ultra-slim design of the Hi-Finity sliding system creates large transparent surfaces, with a light, sleek and elegant appearance. Despite the minimal visual sidelines, the systems high strength allows Hi-Finity to carry the weight of a large sliding glass pane up to kilograms.

Fixed panels up to kg. This in combination with the high energy performance and the minimalistic look makes this product the best solution for low-energy contemporary architecture. For a higher level of comfort a concealed motor allows you to open the vents with the push of a button, or by connecting the motor to your home automation system.

This high performance motor guarantees optimum convenience during use and is a safe and reliable solution. With its single, double or triple frames options, the system creates huge open spaces and maintains great handling ease. HI system provides easy, safe, smooth and quiet sliding sash action. The system perfectly links up to the CS 77 series. A special corner solution makes it possible to open up spaces without any fixed corner element, creating a perfect and clear continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

This makes CP ideal for rooms with a view. This robust system allows the construction of large and stable sliding windows and doors with a vent weight up to kg. It also offers an aesthetical slimline middle section. Alumil M Accordion Alutherm and Alumil M Accordion are aluminum systems for producing folding doors with and without thermal barrier.

They are perfect for large open spaces such as showrooms, restaurants, entertainment areas and terraces; places with demands for maximum passage area. Folding doors i. Skip to content. Alumil M Falcon Alutherm. Description Description Range of colors. Private home, Elin Pelin. HI aluminum sliding systems. Aluminium sliding system Reynaers CP Aluminium sliding system Reynaers HI-Finity. HI Aluminum sliding systems.

Aluminium Sliding system Reynaers CP


ALUMIL M300 Falcon Alutherm



Alumil M300



Alumil M300 Falcon Alutherm



Alumil Italia


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