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Simiari 1 , A. Ghaemi Amiri 2 , M. The issue of guidance in Islamic culture has a high and honorable status, such that it can be said that all the efforts of the Prophet of Islam PBUH and the Imams AS were culminating in achieving those goals. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between and piety guidance and its impact on social health, which was carried out, using various sources and interpretations.

In the present study, the library method and note taking were used. Conclusion: The virtuous at the first stage and at the path of piety need divine guidance and benefit from it. Also, divine guidance has several levels that are directly related to piety.

Avoiding adherence to divine guidance is astray and, consequently, deprivation of piety. Guidance has a direct effect on piety, and divine guidance for those who are in the path of piety is increasing. Piety and guidance cross-related in two aspects. Piety in the first aspect is the background of divine guidance, and in the second aspect, divine guidance leads to piety.

As a result, divine guidance and piety have a two-way relationship, that is, the greater the piety, the greater the divine guidance, and the more the divine guidance shows the way, the more added to their degrees of piety.

The virtuous, as a member of the community, are effective on social health following the divine guidance for the good coexistence of their fellow men. Ghorshi AA. Explanation of the best. Tehran:Bonyad Beesat; Al-Tarihi F. Complex of seas Majma' al-Bahrain. Tehran: Maktabah al-Mortazaviyah; Al-Raghib al-Isfahani. Dictionary of Quranic terms al-Mufradat fi Gharib al-Quran. Beirut: Dar al-Ghalam; Tehran: Andishe Eslami; Ibn Faris A.

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Tehran: Ketabkhane Eslamieh; Muhammad Ibn Masoud Ayyashi. Interpretation of Ayyashi Tafsir Ayyashi. Bahrani SH.


Andisheh Eslami (2)

Running Noor programs on your current device is difficult. Use the second method to run on mobile and these devices. You should purchase a subscription in order for you to enjoy Abrenoor services. Dear user To access the Noor software through this service, you must download the Executive Tool version that is compatible with your operating system. Other Executive Tool versions. Note : After you download and install the Executive Tool version, there is no need to run it. Knowledge of the University 2 theoretical fundamentals of Islam Text of 6 books from the main text courses Text of 6 books from the main text courses of "theoretical fundamentals of Islam" including: Andishe-ye Eslami Islamic thought 1 and 2, Ensan dar Eslam Human being in Islam , Hoqouq-e Ejtemaei va Siyasi dar Eslam social and political rights in Islam , etc.


Andisheh Esslami 2

The census reported its population as 75,, in 19, families. However, in the last census of population in Iran, the population of this city was about , The number of people who settled in this new settlement city in was 31,, and the number is expected to reach 50, by the end of the "Third Plan". Andisheh has a full capacity of , residents. The Goldenwaters swimming pool was constructed in , including two separated complexes for men and women; each complex contains a swimming pool depth 4 meters , a children's pool, a dry sauna, a steam room, a jacuzzi, a cold water pool, a fog and rain tunnel, and a coffee shop. The city is served by buses from the municipal-run Andisheh Municipality and Suburbs Bus Organization , connecting the city to Tehran and Karaj.


Knowledge of the University 2 (theoretical fundamentals of Islam)


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