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Hallom most is. A szemedet. Az alakodat. Csak azok. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Az Elme gyilkosai on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Mi akarsz lenni? See More. Information about Page Insights Data. Suppose we have to live in an environment where it's very cool.

We can't protect against it, we can't hide from it, we can't move so far where the temperature is already higher, but it doesn't kill us, it just testing. If enough generations are born, grow up and die in this environment, then there will start to create offspring that are genetically a little different from previous generations, that is more resistant to the cold. This change lasts until the cold no longer causes a constant reaction because the species is used to it.

If the temperature continues to sink, the change continues. If this cycle is repeated long enough, which means the temperature is gradually getting lower and lower, always reduced by only to test me but don't kill me, then we will eventually turn into something that is very well resistant to the cold and inside and inside has also changed compared to the starting point. This is how evolution works. Evolution optimizes species for permanent, challenging but not deadly environmental relationship systems.

Let's get back to the beginning of the example: the very cool one. Let's put the meaning in the formula and see what happens. Intelligence makes clothes, lifts walls, develop heating, regulate our immediate environment.

This means that although the temperature is falling, we don't feel that the cool is not unpleasant, it doesn't test us. Like it doesn't exist. The sense by regulating the environment, neutralizes the effects that would challenge the organism. The more advanced the sense, the more it is able to eliminate environmental challenges, i.

The organism is trying to adapt to the environment because it can't do anything else. Intelligence does not adapt, it controls, adjust the environment, transforms the environment according to its own needs. Evolution does not develop, it changes. Intelligence always develops. There are protests and disturbances in around 75 cities of the USA, which have been ordered in several ways. The president is considering the military deployment. The emotions came up after George Floyd mysteriously drowned during a police action.

There's a lot to talk about this case. For example, that politics and media are living in full power in the tragedy as usual. Or about the fact that many organizations are trying to take advantage of what happened in their own interests.

Or that violence must be stopped and order must be restored. Or that all the troublemakers who just live and move, taking advantage of the situation as an excuse, violence, destroy, robbing.

These are important, but we should talk about the point. Each group is an important element of coherence between members, but the ideas, principles and values on which the community has been built are more important. If these weren't the point, then the group will eventually become something no one would have named at the beginning.

Any organization must remove those who do not comply with basic ideas, principles and values with fire and iron. If a policeman commits a crime, it must be disclosed and put in jail after an open trial, If a priest commits a sin, it must be disclosed and put in jail after an open trial.

Any organization has to do this because if it acts differently, it will lose its own identity, purpose, its foundation - and finally, membership and support.

Man is imperfect. There is no need to perform the act about everyone in one of the community is perfect because obviously nobody is. The attitude that all criticism and charges are stamped as unfounded, their writicers are pronounced as an enemy, whose entire community is called to destroy is completely pointless.

There is nothing more threatening the mere existence of any community than the inability to change, correction, and the effort to make a meaningless act of perfection. Perfection is not possible, but self-identity is. However, this great event is not happy for this great event, but why would that be a problem? I'm sorry. History of humanity In this post you will find an entry level biohacking.

Biohacking aims to optimize physical function. Our bodies are an animal, part of the animal world, and the rules of the animal world apply to it. In the animal world, the individual is completely under the interests of the species. The only purpose of being an individual is to maintain species. This is his task, its function, the only reason for its existence. The individual performs its function in a way that it reproduces and protects its successor until it reaches the age of age.

In the animal world, it is observed that while the individual is capable of reproductive or protecting his puppy, it is very hard, energetic, resistant to diseases and injuries.

The same can be observed in humans: the person is extremely hard, energetic, resistant to diseases and injuries from the end. High degree biologically founded sexual activity in humans lasts from the age of 15 to 35 years old. After that, activity starts to fall steep, and this is how the straightness, energy and resistance will fall. Our body is an animal and follows the rules of the animal world. The only purpose of its existence is to preserve species, which means reproduction and protecting the offspring.

As sexual activity falls, the human body has done its task, achieved its goal, performed its function, and no longer needed. In order to prevent the activation of genetic sequences that would kill an evolutionary organism, we must deceive evolution, that is to maintain our sexual activity. The essence of the biohacking outlined in this post is that we live a regular sexual life regardless of age and life.

Sexual excitement and orgasm show that the individual person is still useful for the species. We brought you a riddle: How do you think that would save the world? The answer is simple: it is looking for those with the greatest potential and free them.

If you want to see how he does it, order the teacher and everything will be clear. A powerful woman's hand. One of the features of a man is that you don't use emotions for what they are for, and it restricts your physical opportunities. The word of emotion points out that this is about movement, the emotion is the driving force that moves you, liberates energy, allows action, effort, punch or running.

This emotion is what it's for, that's the point. When emotion is a reaction, it's pointless. One gives a lot of emotional reactions to different stimulus, effects, information, thoughts all day. Emotions have a physical side.

When someone starts to get angry in one second, they have a pretty serious physical background: their gland function changes, blood composition, blood pressure, nervous system, thousands of biochemical processes run down in one second. By using emotions to react, not to act, we achieve our blood pressure changing, our hormone household changes, thousands of biochemical processes start, stop, speed up, slow down - all day while nothing happens, no action, effort, no punches, no escape.

Emotional fluctuations should not be imagined as something that is natural as the movement of a pendull, all something that can get training. We have to imagine this as if we were building a tower somewhere, then tear it down, build it somewhere else, then break it down, then build it somewhere else, and so on. The more demolition and construction, the greater the need for energy, the more the body will be exhausted and the more the possibility of error.

The way is to learn to use emotions only for action and eliminate emotional reactions. Stable health is based on emotionally unchanged, as regards reactions, that is to record at one of the emotional endpoints. This endpoint could be the cheerful or depression. Usually, people living with cheerful calm or deep depression avoid serious diseases, as both groups are the lack of emotional waves. The depression page is wrong that it does not only use emotion not only for reaction but also for action.

Emotions always prepares the body for action. If we observe ourselves in any emotional reaction, we notice the desire to act, which will eventually become nothing. Would you like to study philosophy in the class where Amer is the teacher? Think about it: what does it be like when the wizard teaches? He sees everything that is in you, sees the good, the bad, the opportunity, the traps; accepts, does not judge you; it helps that what you ever thought was possible to be real.

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