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This is a guide that is intended to describe the usefulness of the various spells and special abilities found in Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition.

Feel free of course to try all these spells and abilities yourself this is just my opinion of them all. I'll try as well to discuss various strategies to use with different spells especially spells that would otherwise look like garbage. Keep in mind that this guide is specific to BG2EE.

Some spell have been changed compared to the original so it may not necessarily reflect how usable every spell is in the case of the original BG2. However, while it is fairly accurate it hasn't been updated for the enhanced edition. So there are cases where the spells no longer function as described. My hope is that this guide can act as a replacement for players of BG2EE but considering how much work must have gone into that guide they are some big shoes to fill.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Guide Index. Arcane Spells - Level 1. Arcane Spells - Level 2. Arcane Spells - Level 3. Arcane Spells - Level 4. Arcane Spells - Level 5. Arcane Spells - Level 6. Arcane Spells - Level 7. Arcane Spells - Level 7 continued. Arcane Spells - Level 8. Arcane Spells - Level 9. Arcane Spells - Level 9 Continued. Arcane Spells - Higher Level Abilities.

Priest Spells - Level 1. Priest Spells - Level 2. Priest Spells - Level 3. Priest Spells - Level 4. Priest Spells - Level 5. Priest Spells - Level 6. Priest Spells - Level 7. Priest Spells - Higher Level Abilities. Warrior Higher Level Abilities. Rogue Activable Abilities. Rogue Higher Level Abilities.

Class Specific Activable Abilities. Main Character Plot Acquired Abilities. Armor - It lasts an amazing 45 turns. However, if you travel to another area with your map it will disappear. Ultimately though you'll rarely don't need 45 minutes of protection and frankly at this stage you'll be wanting better protection for your mages. Blindness - It can be still useful but a lot of the games more difficult enemies are immune to blindness. Yes if successful it will increase the enemies AC and Thac0 by 4 each, which basically means they will have a much harder time hitting your characters and avoiding your melee and ranged attacks, but the mages you run into will save against it so it really loses its reliability in BG2EE.

Get Glitterdust instead because at least it gives a chance of hitting more than one enemy. Also consider using Greater Malison before using this because it will make it more likely to work.

Burning Hands Its a good troll killer. Besides that I wouldn't bother with it. Charm Person - Useless. Unlike in BGEE charming people rarely leads to different encounter results like added dialogue. Chill Touch In most cases this spell isn't going to be all that useful. The only real use it has is that you can use an exploit in the game and use it as part of a Minor Sequencer in order to give yourself a different weapon than the sword spider form grants with Polymorph Self.

Realistically though its not a spell you are likely to get any use out of. Chromatic Orb - Without lowering an enemies save it really isn't all that great. I mean sure you could keep casting this and eventually it will work. Since it does acid damage at higher levels you can use it for troll slaying. Color Spray - If you want to knock out people before you steal from them it may still work but a lot of the better pickpocket targets are going to be too high a level.

So I'd pass on it. Find Familiar - Fantastic spell because it will boost your mages health total considerably at lower levels. You can also have it fight for you, though to be honest its safer to ask it to stay in your pack. Its not a spell that you will end up casting more than once so you don't have to learn it, but you aren't likely to use most first level spells anyways so it won't hurt to do so.

Friends - Great little spell that lets you boost your mages charisma up as needed. Not really worth keeping on hand at all times though. Best used for buying from stores if your mage or bard has a high amount of charisma.

Grease - I wouldn't use it unless you have plans to use a summon like Wyverns from Wyvern Call that are immune to its effects.

The saving throw bonus makes it pretty unreliable frankly. Identify - Not worth spending a level 1 slot on it. I would recommend either getting the Glasses of Identification one of which you can buy from the merchant found in the floor above Gaelen Boyle in the slums or taking Haer'Dalis in your party if you want a better means of identifying items.

Also most stores offer an identification service anyways, and you can get money fairly easily, so its not that useful of a spell. Infravision - Totally a worthless spell. You can get its benefits by turning on group infravision and having an elf, half-elf, halfling, gnome, dwarf, or half-orc in your party.

Larloch's Minor Drain - Its nice that it is quick casting. However, practically speaking its not very useful because it does a pitiful amount of damage.

Magic Missile - Bread and butter damage spell for its level. It gets obviously beaten in damage by higher level spells but its always good to have a few of these handy just to finish weakened enemies off.

Its also still decent at disrupting enemy spellcasting and still very good at removing an enemies Mirror Image spell. The great thing about it is that it lets you cast any spell you have in your spellbook, even if you couldn't otherwise normally cast it because its too high a level.

How often you see opportunities like this will depend on what level you enter some of the later chapters, but its still a great choice regardless. Protection from Evil - 4th level Protection From Evil 10' Radius is longer lasting than this and more practical. Not worth it for a mage. There might be a single obscure encounter somewhere in the game where an enemy uses it against you. But I can't think of any. I wouldn't bother with it. Pass on this one. Shield - Arguably the best defensive spell for level 1 mages.

In BG2EE it is almost the most worthless spell at this spell level. You just won't encounter many enemies who will be affected by it.

Spook - Great spell that like Blindness can be useful against casters and is going to be more effective against everyone really. Keep in mind though that the enemy will run around after you use it on them so you may have to hunt after them if they leave your line of sight.

It eventually has a -6 penalty for enemies trying to save against it so it by far eclipses blindness in terms of usability against casters. Agannazar's Scorcher The amount of damage it does is highly variable and it will hurt party members if they walk into the flame or if the flame moves into them.

Its basically only good for killing trolls and for that Melf's is frankly better. Blur Good defensive spell. Nothing really highly impressive about it but its a solid choice for its level.


Golem Manual

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Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn – One-Character Guide

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