Aguirre Rojas, Carlos Antonio Overview. Publication Timeline. Most widely held works about Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas. Most widely held works by Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas.

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Less attention, however, has been given to the five Mexican academics present in the FARC-EP encampment at the time of the attack conducting research on the insurgency movement. One sector of Colombian society increasingly silenced has been that of the academy Brittain and Hristov, The past seven years have seen an escalation of harassment and imprisonment for scholars who have conducted research on Colombian society and politics and have published material critical of the state.

Yet, in Colombia, things are not always as they seem and every rule has an exception. When concerning the November events it was not the state that acted first but rather it was paramilitaries who first labelled the above individuals as guerrillas and the state followed suit.

Once again, the international community bears witness to the Colombian state mirroring paramilitary forces policy. Ironically, no investigation was administered concerning paramilitary infiltration in these same institutions even though the Universidad Nacional de Colombia has received over threats from paramilitaries Colombia Reports, b.

The threat of academic freedom and integrity has been greatly jeopardized and restricted by the actions of the state. One can only imagine how critical they can be in classes, lectures, or debates if they know right-wing paramilitary networks are in the midst. On May 22, this fascist attack on higher education reared is ugly head once more when Dr.

While several of his peer-refereed publications raise questions about the classification of belligerent forces and armed ideologically led political movements being inappropriately categorized as terroristic it is highly disturbing that such critique is considered to be a revolutionary act.

Is this really what it takes to arrest and incarcerate someone in Colombia? Having had the opportunity to look at some of this work, Dissident Memories offers a much-needed discussion of how mobilized peasantries were structurally excluded from any space of decision-making thereby weakening social and political structures in the countryside. Significant protest has merged from various academics, students, and scholarly associations throughout Australia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the United Kingdom concerning this silencing of critical and academically respected voice.

It is time to expand this shout of protest so that more can recognize the fascistic tendencies of the Uribe administration. What the Colombian political and economic elite fail to understand is that by silencing those who are critical they only propel the realities of state oppression and the injustice therein. This simply nurtures further antagonism toward those responsible. Their voice, a voice that they so viciously tried to silence, will multiply into the shouts of many millions all around the world.

Our nations, after a long eclipse, shall flourish. No empire lasts forever as quoted in Williamson, Brittain, James J. Colombia Reports.

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