Electrophoretic Painting Process E-Coat. The E-coat process is best described as a cross between plating and painting. It is a process where a metal part is immersed in a water-based solution containing a paint emulsion. An electric voltage is applied to the part causing the paint emulsion to condense onto the part.

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Cataphoresis means application of paint by an electro-phoresic method, whereby the painted product becomes a cathode in the direct current anolyte water solution of the epoxy paint and thus attracts the colour cations.

Cataphoresis represents one of the most progressive production technologies of application of basic paints with a high degree of corrosion protection of metals.

The cataphoresis method of paint application is considered to belong among the most advanced technologies of metal products surface treatments. Currently cataphoresis does not have comparable competition in series of production areas. The biggest contribution to the development of cataphoresis technology has automotive industry, where anti-corrosion resistance of bodyworks and other components is the focus of interest of all producers.

High quality of surface treatment together with economic and environmental advantages predestined this technology to be used in other fields of engineering and consumer goods industry. Powercron is the newest product of the 6th generation of cathodic epoxid electrophoretic materials free of heavy metals and used for protection of bodyworks, steel wheels and other ccessories with different thickness of the layer.

Chemicals used in surface pretreatment are supplied by the company Henkel. Final coat of cataphoretic paint is designed to meet the needs of automotive industry and fulfils required specifications, e. According to the type of powder, there is possible to achieve corrosion resistance of hours. By applying powder mechanically highly resistant coatings are achieved. Inquiry cz en. Cataphoresis - KTL cyclic - Galma, a. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Lakum KTL - Váš partner od návrhu, až po dodání finálního výrobku

Teknorot is the first aftermarket manufacturer in Turkey to apply this process in house. This experience and our chemical know-how leads to meeting and even exceeding OEM minimum hours test results according to EN salt spray test. Our products are described as safety parts and they are located underneath the vehicles, which causes no daily visual contact with users. As known, suspension parts are exposed to many different forces and adverse road conditions road salting, rain, rock hits, traction, etc.


Cataphoresis and Electrophoresis Coating or E-Coating

Cataphoresis is a process of electro coating metals to get a high resistance to atmospheric agents. This coating increases the anti-corrosive properties of the parts and is the standard for auto parts where a complete and optimal antirust protection is required. Cataphoresis is an organic coating method that uses electrical current to deposit paint onto a part or assembled product. One of our core values is best quality.

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