AALB 30 litres pr. Notify company, and next-of-kin, and if on board to be advised and comforted as may be required. Arrange to have body moved to freezer area. Notify local agents and British Consul when abroad.

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Facebook Google Twitter. Password Hide. Remember me. I agree to the Terms. Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link to create a new password. Toggle navigation. Home Topics Documents Ces 4.

Embed Script. Size px x x x x Dunca Ioan Calin Subscribe 0. AALB - 30 litres pr. AAWE - lowering of at least one lifeboat after ABAF - He has control of the navigation and mo ABKJ - By soft machine scrubbing with red pad ACPG - By smothering and also by providing som ACXK - 2 h, 2 candelas about 1,7 mile range a ADVC - Yes - any consular official can detain AECJ - The water can be applied in a fine spra Notify comp AEOG - To determine wether the ship is seawort AEPT - Disperse or dissolve the oil into the w AEPV - Yes, the bottles can be dumped if they AGGL - All mentioned.

AHCJ - This call will normally be followed by AHJU - To avoid uncontrolled decomposition the AHWF - Tell the jettyman to stop loading immed AIHG - Water-tube boilers are more efficient a AIIW - The bottom washing starts whilst there AINU - Checking that passengers and crew are s AISX - Near to the deck, crawl out keeping you AISY - Test pressure equal to 1.

AIWE - have separate draining pumps of suffici ALUC - Public announcement system to be used f AMHQ - He shall arrange for proper care within ANDG - starting and operating the lifeboat eng ANSK - Decreasing the speed of rotation will d AOBR - Valve in the outlet line partly closed AODG - Immediately stop the discharging.

AOHG - Once a week. AOJD - 17 - 20? APAO - The water level is between the water co AQBL - The assistance of the vessel is no long AQEO - By soft machine scrubbing with red pad AQSA - Foam that is not a "alcohol resistant" ARSY - Jacket water cooler is clogged. ARUM - No, food waste can not be dumped overbo ASQC - Density, viscosity, flow rate, temperat ATLV - be secured in a manner as not to interf AVGU - jump from a height of not less than 4.

AVOC - Air in the fuel oil system. AVSJ - To prevent combustion gases to flow bac AVXJ - A substance with a viscosity equal to o AWAO - To improve the sealing surface between AWAW - Salted meat and ham, potato dumplings, AWMI - Throughput too high.

AWPR - Broken water seal. AWUU - Any of the mentioned alternatives. AWWH - He is looking for navigational dangers AWXG - To ensure that the proper residuals of AXVM - Only when the design temperature is bel AYRG - Yes, one if the ship is under brt. BABO - Tell the deck officer to hoist the red f BABS - Checking that life-jackets are correctl BAEB - Loading cargo "on top" of the oil and c BAFT - Fluids liquids.

BAIE - one buoyant line, not less than 50m in BAUN - Semi-refrigerated gas carrier can be di BBAU - 8 tons. BCLO - Isomer compounds is substances with sam BCQL - Twistlocks? BDPJ - Bringing the engine up to sufficient nu BDXV - Same as certificate to which it applies BEJI - Use a water extinguisher to put out the BEJM - Reject the offer? BELE - Bleed off may be taken from any of the BEOP - By muster lists exhibited in conspicuou BEXX - Send a distress message and collect sur BFDT - Identify the extent of damage to own ve BFHQ - She will turn to port and the speed wil BFHW - That the combustion chamber of the boil BFIK - By soft machine scrubbing with red pad BFJI - Pre-wash the tanks with cold water firs BFKF - Ammonium nitrate?

BFNO - an efficient radar reflector or radar BGBB - Fuel with a flash point of 44? C or more BGDM - They have had problems securing the gan BHUW - Protecting cloths, safety shoes, gloves BIND - Minimum eight crew members. BINY - be secured in the lifeboat except boat BIOW - ohm at 0?

BJKR - Swelling below the bandage and heavy pa BKGJ - When the design temperature is below BKTW - A device which prevents an operation of BLAK - Maximum cargo tank pressure on an fully BLFH - Atmosphere is not combustible in either BLGF - To relieve excessive high pressure in t


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