All assembly units are packaged and sealed with anti-static protective foil. A digital input unit for an automation device includes at least one current drawing DC input channel for baugruppebdaten a transducer operated at a nominal DC voltage, where the input channel is configured to baugruppendatem the current based on an input voltage UEM according to an input characteristic curve. A transducer can be connected to one of the input channels, for example, a transducer in the form of a Bero proximity switch which is designed for a nominal DC voltage of 24 or 48 V, an input characteristic curve complying with a so-called type 1 or type 2 characteristic according to the IEC or EN standard. The situation may then occur in which, on account of a customer requirement, a digital input unit must perform functions for a multiplicity of transducers of different baugruppendatem DC voltages.

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Kontakt: cserv natura-sklep. Due to the change of location of our shipping warehouse, we are forced to temporarily suspend sales at Natura-Sklep. All our activities are aimed at the well-being of our customers, improving the quality of our services and increasing our product range.

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Polish online drugstore - dietary supplements, cosmetics, organic food. Vitamin D3 plays an important role in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus in the body.

It helps in proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus contributes to proper development and bone mineralization. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to impaired bone mineralization, inadequate calcification of newly forming bone tissue and consequently changes krzywiczych in infants and young children.

Sign up for newsletter today. English Polish. Syrop i krople dla dzieci. Medical Stick Deodorants Roll-on. For Men For Women. Higiena Kosmetyki Suplementy diety. Body Butter Body Peeling Clay. Hair Conditioner Hair Mask.

Pantyhose Knee Socks Stockings Socks. Scented Candles. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Items 1 to 50 of total 1 2 3 4 5. Show: 5 10 15 20 25 50 Bielenda, Make-up akademie matifying fluid matt, Caramel, 1 pc. It provides smooth and long-lasting matte finish, as well as even and velvety appearance. Doppelherz, Aktiv, Aktiv-Meno, 60 tabl. The product is recommended for women over the age of 40, for the well-being during menopause and postmenopausal condition.

Components of the formulation reduce hot flashes, easen sleeping. They support the concentration and strengthen bones. Juvit Baby D3 Vitamin D3 plays an important role in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Aura Cacia, Eucalyptus, Essential oils, 15 ml 0. You can enhance your daily life with essential oils in many ways. Shark liver oil Greenland stimulates the natural immunity of the body. Increases the production of antibodies and the formation of white blood cells and phagocytosis.

Amazing Herbs, Oregano Oil, 1. Band-Aid, Adhesive Pads, Large, 10 szt. Samoprzylepne plastry Band-Aid. Band-Aid, Tough strips, Waterproof bandages, Extra large, 10 szt. Plastry wodoodporne Band-Aid, rozmiar XL. Super przyczepne, odporne na brud i zanieczyszczenia. Band-Aid, Gazue pads, Medium, 25 szt. Gaziki marki Band-Aid. Zaprojektowane dla lepszej ochrony. Band-Aid, Gazue Pads, Medium, 10 pcs. Designed for better protection, with Quilt vent Technology.

Deep pockets wick away blood and fluid to keep wounds clean. When using ointment, unique Quilt vent Technology pockets help keep it in place. Band-Aid, Plastry opatrunkowe, Disney, 20 szt. Plastry opatrunkowe dla dzieci Brand-Aid. We are committed to providing high-quality and innovative products for you and your family.

Using the product finder you can find the best product for your wound care needs. Band-Aid, Plastry opatrunkowe, Cars, 20 szt. Band-Aid, Plastry opatrunkowe, Doc, 20 szt. Dynarex, Combine Pad Sterile, 1 pcs. Sterile unless pouch is opened or damaged. Water-Jel, 4" x 4" Burn dressing, 60 pcs. A small square-shaped dressing designed to fit the palm of the hand, a commonly burned area, or the back of the hand, near the knuckles.

Gel-soaked, medical-grade nonwoven material. Sterile and foil-packed. Shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture. Kalms, 40 tabl. Herbapol, Sylimarol Gastro, 30 caps. Promotes a digestion process, has relaxing and carminative effects, supports a correct liver function. Herbapol, Valerian Drops, 1. Traditional herbal medicinal product alleviating symptoms of nervous tension with little intensity and help you sleep. Calcium effervescent tables with lemon flavor. Folic Acid, 30 tablets For women who are or want to be pregnant.

Reduces fatigue and weariness. Labofarm, Sedative Tablets, 90 tab. It is assumed that the drug will have a calming and soothing states of nervous tension. Herbapol, Tea Fix, For Throat, 20 sach. Perfectly selected composition of herbs. Lime, pulmonaria, thyme and mullein relieve mouth, throat and vocal cords. In addition, thyme facilitates expectoration. Chamomile reduces breathing problems and helps maintain a healthy respiratory system.

Vitamin C , B6, B12 and folic acid help the immune system. Hydrogen Peroxide. Good when used as an antiseptic, on cuts, burns and bruises. Labofarm, Calm Tablets, 20 tab. Labofarm calm tablets are used in temporary mild nervous tension and periodic difficulties in falling asleep. It is assumed that the drug will have a calming and soothing nervous tension states. Lizus Auto, Anti-Nausea Lollipop, 1 pcs. Lollipop soothing discomfort associated with travel.

Our Biotin is the preferred choice when it comes to restoring your naturally lustrous hair and resilient nails while keeping your diet and shape on track! Protect the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, especially during a sore throat. Choice 1 Dr. RefectoCil, Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint, 0. Verde, Fiber, 8 oz. Amol, Liquid, 5. Quick Menu. Contact Information. Natura Sklep. Oversized items do not qualify. Subscribe to newsletter.

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