The Twilight Tomb is an adventure module for the 3. The adventure takes place in the Forgotten Realms setting. It begins in the large forest of Yuirwood, where an oracle among its half-elf inhabitants foretells of the reemergence of the Duskwalker, an ancient and corrupt star elf wizard. Missing travelers and lost goods point the player characters to one of the circles of standing stones within the forest, which are known to allow for travel to another place. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This Wizards of the Coast game product co! This material is protectedunder the. This prduct is a work of fiction; Any similarify to actual people, organizations, places: or events is purely coincidental. Prirted in the U. This adve. Aglarond is a di. Th tangles of the Yuirwood are tbick with old magic. Masters of powerful spel! Their magic has faded with the. The menhir circles-whicp are dif. Others are said to-grant access to the hidden realm of Sildeyuir. And a few open into dangerous splinter realms sealed away for reasons that have been lose to the cent uries.

As the play r characters. Heroes sho. The following suppleme. None of those books is necessary to use th is adventurc, because aU the relevant nformation is provded hereio. I are planaing to run this adventure in the Aglarond region, rcview. Sidebllrs contain additional information for che DM. Faced with iggressive human coastal settlements.

The elf high mages forged a forestwide netwol'k of sto11e cu:. Sildeyuir is a plane of eldritch beauty, a land of perpetual i:w. The star elves ra. While Sildeyuir was aesignecl as a realm of quietude and co! A star elf named Mourel Duskwalker was one such. Corrtipt and hungry for power, Mourel sought dominion over aU other star elves. He went so far as to marsha! Moure was ev. His body and the remnants of his liktorcewere saled within the glass citadei' that served as bis..

That same Citadel 9f. The evil nilsbai sorcerer Tolg'byri fowid and activated this entry. Sit1ce then, tbe nilshai has been using the tomb as a base of operations in an effort to gather an army for. This a:ctivity caused the unquiet spirit of Mourel and his 'serv. Tolg'byri became a victim of treachery, and tbe nilshai's fledgling army is now led by a half-orc muned Sa! A malevolent nilsha.

Worse: Mourel's twisted experi. Each leader possesses a method"of opening the portal bac. Four suggllstions are provided helow. Other tales claim that t,he old sto11e ri. Who knows wQ. Adventurers could do worse than to find the wayward daughter and collect the 2, gp reward.

He was recently hired by a powerful wizard to transporta object of great. With a grnace, Tulin admits that he lost the Crail in the Yuirwood near an ancient stone ring. He's sure the menhir circle has something to do with the item's loss, but he and his compa1ons l:new better tban to tamper with one of the ancient cqnstructions. Por each day of u:avcl, thcre is a? If they fiud a village, tbere is a 2. DC 1: Dar. They seem to be searcbing, but no one is sure what they se k. DC Th dread Du kwalkcr of legend, a nightmaie out of.

Only uow; high mages e. DC H: The ancient rings of stoo throughont the forest were built by che star elves an age ago as a syst m of portals. Sorne o "the portats still work, transporting people across the forest or even to other ""'Orlds.. DC The tone ring that you seck has long been considered bad luck. The disappearances always occur at night. In this brief segment of the adventure, the PCs navigate the sundappled trails and shadcd dells of the Yuirwood as tl1ey seek tite ,. H14ge me11hirs supporl sto1?

Wbat eldritch. In th. DMC This magic has faded away, preventing any of these from working. Unles otherwise noted, windows are stuck in their opaque state. Even those tbat are still transparent retain ali the p operties of the walls.

The smooth glass walls can11ot be climbed without the use of ropes or magic. Tbe Aoors of thc citadel have a rough, pebbly tex ture that prevents them from bci.

J1g too slppery. Glass Walls foot-by-lOfoot section : 1 ft. This stooe ru1g does indced sustain an ancient portal of the star elves and radiares a fai11t tra nsmutation aura when viewed with detect magic. Tbis portal function oofy between suodown and un-ise, during which time its au a increa. Any creature entering th i:ing between these houis and remain ing with io it for 3 rounds is teleportcd to area 1 of the Night Realm. Currently the portal is only partially ctivated.

Only when t he stone'ring is fully activated see area H does the portal fiiction in both directions. The four towers are connected with each other and thc arrival island by a series of glass bridges. Except for tra nsparent peaks.

Composed of dw. They'do not have locks. Tbat was once a part of the magic of tlle citadel tbllt 11as now faded. Ali the intelligent creatures urrently inhabiti. J1g tbe citad 1. Mindless undead havc been trained i.

Unfortunately for would-be stargazers, the ight Rea1m ha been cut off from the stars of Sildeyir. The heavens above resemble a clouded midnight sky. Tbe exterior of. Likewise, unless otherwise noted, the edges of room ceiliugs carry this same magic. As a rcsult, the entire citad l witll the exception of Mour l's Tomb aglow with illumination. Floors, ceilings, and interior walls are typically opaque, affora"ing privacy to the formc r inhabitants, but extetior walls might be trans ucent or transparnt.

ThiS glow cannot be dispcUed but can be suppressed for. As a resuh, an en tire ecosystem ives in these waters. Thc air and water. No true dircctions exst in the Night Rcalm. I travclers arrivi. I other directions mentioned in the adventure are relative to tbat direction as oorth.

The Turbulent sen T. The sea forevcr churns in the winds of the Night Realm, with swells between 2 a. The water elemental remains from the days of the elves' habitation. It was tasked to rescue anyone wJ10 fell into the sea and to transport tbat person to the nearest ladder, and it still carries out that duty as necessary. He failed and now guards tbis area as a zombie. Each of tbess: bridg s is made of foot-thick, solid, transparent glass.

Tbey are supported only wbere they coOJiect te the various towers, yet rernain ext reillely souml Each bridge has the eldritch ligbtsof the rcalm running on its underside, providing illumination along its length.

Arriuul point Areu 1 When the charactcrs first appear in tbe Night Realm, they are in the rniddle of thc stone ring. It has a sea drakc skclcton wrapped around' it, as described in arca l.


The Twilight Tomb

The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. See details for description of any imperfections. Skip to main content. Vaughan Trade Paper. We're sorry, something went wrong.


Forgotten Realms Adventure Ser.: The Twilight Tomb by Greg A. Vaughan (Trade Paper)

Missing travelers and lost goods all point to a circle of standing stones within the forest. Perhaps, like its counterparts elsewhere in the Yuirwood, this stone henge allows for travel to another placeā€”but where? And what growing darkness awaits those bold enough to find out? The Twilight Tomb Average Rating: 6. RPG Item Rank:

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