Summary of support system Overview of support system Means of support Technologies In Italy, electricity generated from renewable energy sources is mainly promoted through a quota system certificati verdi. The quota system obliges all producers and importers of electricity to generate a certain quota of electricity from renewable sources or purchase a certain amount of green certificates. As an alternative, small systems and expensive technologies like photovoltaic generation can make use of various kinds of price regulation, which might be more cost-efficient than participation in the certificate system. The price regulation system provides for mechanisms like the feed-in tariff for systems generating less than 1 MW.

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References ACCC. May Procedura e criteri di selezione degli investimenti ammessi al trattamento incentivante di cui al comma Regulatory decision ARG only in Italian. Smart distribution system: promozione selettiva degli investimenti nei sistemi innovativi di distribuzione di energia elettrica.

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This study defines distributed ener. Figure 1. Failing to create a level playing f. Chapter 3 follows in the footsteps. References ACER. Energy Regul. US DOE. Direct Federal Finan.

Electricity services are activities. In theory, in the absence of uncert. Figure 2. Table 2. The themes. These new modes of interaction will. However, residential micro-CHP syst. Box 3. Another characteristic of solar PV. Figure 3. This example illustrates that curre. Cybersecurity programs in all parts. Rogers, M. Centralized and distributed resourc. Figure 4. While the above results demonstrate. The effect of three network tariff. One viable proxy for wealth. Box 4. Increased granularity in energy pri.

Furthermore, customer bills under t. Box 7. DERs increase the need for nodal pr. In capacity-constrained systems, as. The market price as the efficient i. Most production-based incentive sch.

Auction-based mechanisms are needed. References Artelys. Neuhoff, K. Barquin, J. Figure 8. Note, however, that for DERs to pro. Box 8.


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