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Eye of Samael thelema samael samil mercury qliphoth draconianmagick draconiantradition templeoftheascendingflame hod adramelech.

A Draconian Egyptian Grimoire. The land of enchantment and mystery. The land of milk and honey. A place known for its dark arts, majesty, wisdom, and power.

It is the foundational culture of the western world, and while it is vastly alien to modern minds, a lot of its roots lie unrevealed and undiscussed. As much as is known about ancient Egypt, there is just as much not known, especially when it comes to its roots.

Focusing on the time period before the pharaohs, and what Kenneth Grant would call the draconian or Typhonian period, he takes us on a linear tour of predynastic Egypt, clarifying and explaining how the stage was set for Egypt to become not only the greatest empire of the ancient world that we know of, but also how, in a lot of ways, those times were far more extensive, pervasive, and influential than most people realize.

Part the mists of history and see what secrets Egypt still reveals to this day. And, I look forward to some of the workings designed to connect with the energies of certain deities that I find more than interesting The Spider is an ancient symbol that offers many interpretations.

It can represents Illusion, and stand for the understanding of our life choices and the art of manipulation of our destinies. It can also stand for the creative force, healing and the weaving of mystery and fate, or poison and destruction. Numerology equates spider with the symbol for infinity, finding the eight legs and body shape in the form of an eight significant.

And, I do as well. Her power is magical venom, which is deadly to mundane consciousness but essential in the formula of initiation, as it triggers the process of transformation through the inner alchemy of the mind. Personally, I love spiders, and always found them very beneficial. In this practice you should envision yourself as a spider in the heart of the web that extends in all directions and connects all that is a part of your life - things, people, events, situations, etc.

By assuming the spider consciousness, you will gain ability to look at all these things from the perspective of the center and manipulate them from the loom.

In this sense, the spider is a perfect symbol for self-reflection, re-evaluation of your present life and setting up long-term goals. My new Draconian altar. It happened completely on accident. I have no idea where to put some of my other things now Pop up altar for a Draconian Traditions ritual.

Put together for the Draconian Opening. For those who follow a Dragon Path, which do you follow? Shelfie rareoccultbooks witchcraft primalcraft traditionalwitchcraft draconiantradition draconian witchesofinstagram hecate hekate lucifer belial.

The Witchblood Grail by Mark Allan Smith primalcraft witch witchcraft draconiantradition hecate hekate lucifer belial witchesofinstagram rareoccultbooks traditionalwitchcraft.

Salve Belial! Salve Lucifer! Ave Hecate! The flames of the Trident of Witchcraft burn bright; to illuminate the blackness that befalls humanity. Logo sigil for the blog of V. Jehannum, consecrated to empower invocations, evocations, kundalini and chakra work. Sigil for the Witch Paterson by Yuri M, to be used with dream incubation. While creating this, I noticed the letters in Paterson rearrange into Not-Spare, interesting indeed!

A working grimorie exploring the nature of magical time, Self, Other, and the essential power rudiments of sorcery itself. A beautiful book unlike any others, one that lives and breathes. My gratitude to MAS for this treasure. Night Sorcery. Loving this book! Tunnels of Set sigil cards witchcraft qliphoth nightside typhonian tunnelsofset Hekate hecate set lucifer draconiancurrent draconiantradition typhoniangnosis moderntraditionalwitchcraft.

My favorite shelf of books. These have been helping with my magickal renewal. About Us. Remove Content. Privacy Policy.


A Draconian Egyptian Grimoire

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Draconian Ritual Book


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