High quality, great price-performance ratio. The Rigol DSE is a high quality two channel digital storage oscilloscope. The quality of the Rigol oscilloscopes is comparable to Agilent and Tektronix oscilloscopes. This Demo board is used to illustrate the basic functions of the oscilloscope. It is powered through USB port and can output 25 kinds of signals for the illustration of oscilloscope functions, i.

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The Rigol E oscilloscope is an exception when comparing the abundant features it provides for its economic price. This was one of the first and still the best rigid oscilloscope to provide high scale digital signal processing. Some of its distinct features include a high memory depth of MHz. All these features and many more comes with this powerful Rigol scope at a budgeted price.

The front panel of the Rigol scope has easy to access buttons. An AUTO button is provided to quickly adjust and measure the waveform displayed. There are 22 types of auto measurement of wave parameters and track values that is in-built in this device. The automatic measurement of voltage includes channel datas like voltage max. Time measurements can be done using frequency period, rise time, fall time, positive width, negative width, duty cycle and more.

The Rigol E model is equipped with a USB device interface which helps to transfer data as a device and host when connected to a desktop PC. Basic upgradation on board firmware can also be done. The PC application software called UltraScope is very powerful, and can be used to capture and save waveforms, and measure it accordingly. The Rigol oscilloscope can also be connected to a PictBridge compliant printer to print waveform images with ju7st a click. A network interface feature can also be called to operate the oscilloscope remotely by sending appropriate commands over the network.

Like other digital oscilloscopes, this Rigol scope can also be used to capture complex signals in great detail over extended time periods. This helps the user to get a good look at the high frequency effects within the captured waveform. Find the blue soft button corresponding with Long Memory, and turn the memory depth Long Memory.

We have prepared another article where some of the best digital oscilloscopes have been listed. Please go through and compare the features. Almost all the reviews in Amazon. One of the reviews says that there is pretty much nothing negative to comment about this oscilloscope. Unlike other similar products, this model has everything working perfectly and there is nothing detracting to say.

I have had this scope for about a year now. For the price, I am blown away. I am an electrical hobbyist and engineer, I work with much higher end scopes at work from Tektronix and this one performs just as well as any of the lower frequency scopes I have worked with. There are a few complaints, but none of them warrant removing a star. Works up to the specified bandwidth without issues built some high frequency oscillators to test this.

Has some very good digital filtering that can be set to get just the signal that you want. Triggering works without a hitch in some cases, better than more expensive scopes. Another user reviewed about the fan noise being quite soft.

Even in a silent room, the noise was unheard. Another reviewed about the low resolution display. But, when comparing the low price of the device, along with numerous useful applications, the display is nothing to bother after immense use.

Some of the cons expressed by the users include comments like:. Old-fashioned control buttons which can sometimes be hard to use. When naming an image to store on the thumb drive, if the image title IE ColpittsTEST-1, is a custom one other than the default, the auto-numbering scheme does not recognize it. Product Reviews. Author john. Marantz SR Receiver — 9. Sandford Allen Hunter 3 years ago. Submit Type above and press Enter to search.

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Rigol DS1102E 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope – Review



Rigol DS1102E


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