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Discussion in ' Yamaha ' started by Raynald , Dec 31, Log in or Sign up. Messages: 5, Location: Montreal. I picked this up used several years ago for my brother to get him a basic HT set up. He no longer uses it so he asked me to see what I could do with it. I told him it would probably bring little to nothing as I see similar units listed at low prices and still not selling. I decided to have a look at it and downloaded the manual to see if it could be useful in some way.

It is much better put together than I expected. All metal construction, it weighs a little over 18 lbs, has discrete outputs mounted on a real heatsink, 2 x 12, uf "Audio" caps, a very big transformer, heavy duty 5 way speaker binding posts and a motorized sealed volume control. Just as important is what it does not have: the notorious motorized selector switch that causes so many problems on earlier Yamaha products.

Looking over the OM I saw you can use it as a 2 or 3 channel power amp as it has the necessary direct inputs. Perhaps even more interestingly, by taking the main ouputs and sending them to the rear amps or center you end up with a nice remote controlled, 6 line level input integrated amp. The remote commands volume, input switching and can control other Yanmaha "RS" tuners, CD players and tape decks.

With three identical power amps channels you even have a back up should one give problems. Since the on board Pro-Logic decoding is totally obsolete, if you run across one of these you can probably pick it up for next to nothing. Given the flexibility it has, it might be worth grabbing.

I told my brother my findings and he will gladly take it back and put it into service in his store. Another nice piece rescued!

Yamaha DSP-E JPG File size: Last edited: Dec 31, Raynald , Dec 31, One more shot. Messages: 42 Location: India. Since you have a lot of experience regarding Yamaha DSP series, which one do you think is the best or masterpiece of this series?

The best of the integrated amps would be the monster A1. If you dont mind having a tuner along for the ride the RX- V1 and Z1 are even better and go for crazy little money sometimes. Three great components in one with remote. Raynald , Jan 1, Last edited: Jan 1, The A1, V1 and Z1 all have many stereo inputs and can be used to recreate the many concert halls. I have not compared all the various versions and generations of DSP hardware.

I was selling Yamaha when the original DSP-1 came out and we were the first in the area to set one up. I have always liked this technology but the early iterations had a somewhat metallic edge that improved as newer more powerful generations came out.

I know as Yamaha progressed from the A to the A they tripled the processing power. I would assume things continued to improve as processing became cheaper and cheaper, though Yamaha may just have taken advantage to cram more home theater processing in. From what I have read the A1 is a very good sounding audio piece but the V1 was a big improvement in terms of sound quality, being warmer according to a couple of reviews.

The Z1 is basically identical with a few more features and a nicer remote. I have a V1 and it does a great job driving a pair of Kef Reference in my living room. You cant ask for much more than that. No surprise the was not great from an audio point of view. At 23 lbs with even more features it does not compare in terms of construction to the 44 to 62 lb ones we have been discussing.

I would recommend the V1 and Z1 as the best bang for the buck ones to look for. It turns out that the E cannot be used quite as I had thought. Using the main ouputs only works if the Internal processor setting is used.

The rear channel inputs only work if the External processor setting is selected. Probably something that could be fixed with an internal wiring mod but that will not be needed.

You only get one input but that will do fine for my brother's purpose. I just ran it a bit to figure out the signal path but it seems this amp does indeed sound good and has some real guts.

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Yamaha DSP-E492

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Yamaha DSP-E492 Integrated Amplifiers

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How do i run a subwoofer from my Yamaha E492?



Yamaha DSP-E492 Manuals


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