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Do not use the two possibilities at the same time, because there is risk of damage for the batteries. Only use the batteries or the power supply to supply the telephone. If you are using the power supply and a 3 power fault occurs, the telephone will not be supplied by the power supply. To install or replace the batteries, follow the steps below: Line cord Connect the line cord in the socket marked position Insert the with the symbol cord in the cable line position Attach the other end to the telephone line RJ11 modular Jack connector.

These devices may cause interference in the telephone. Never use a dry cloth danger of electrostatic discharge or any abrasive cleaning products. When the batteries are low, needing to be changed, the display will show the low battery indicator symbol position 27 on page 3. To install the power supply, just connect it to the telephone position 18 on page 3 and to the electric energy network plug. Configuration Once connected to the line, the telephone will be ready to make and receive calls.

In this initial situation, the display will show information shown in the figure below, where NEW 00 is the number of non answered calls: Handset cord Connect the long end of the handset cord in the socket marked with the symbol position Insert the cord in the cable line position 32 and attach the short end to the handset.

If any of these items are already correct, you can go to the next step by pressing the. To make the adjustments, the handset must be on hook. If any of these items are already correct, you can go to the next step, without enter anything, by pressing. If you can still hear a dialing tone, change to the other dialing mode. Setting the ringer volume This telephone offers three different ringer volumes. When you finished the call, just hang up and the dialing mode will automatically turn back to PULSE dialing.

To program the operator code, proceed in the following way: Setting the reception volume This telephone allows adjustment of the reception volume, which its default is programmed at normal volume. Area code for long distance call If necessary, this telephone is able to be programmed with the area code of your city.

During the dialing, the digits of the number will be shown on the display position 28 on page 3 and the call will be carried out. As well as the dialed number, the display will show the current time, date and the duration of the call in minutes, from the moment that the handset is lifted positions 22, 24 e 25, respectively, on page 3.

To answer the call, lift the handset. The will appear on the display while icon MUTE is activated. To reactivate the conversation, press the MUTE key again. While the MUTE is activated, the person you are speaking to will hear music on hold. Music generation can be deactivated through programming.

If the music is deactivated, you will be able hear the person you are speaking to, although he will not be able to hear you. Note: It is not possible to make a call from the List of Originated Calls with the handset off hook.

The default flash is ms. It may be necessary to program a different flash time see the item Other configurations on page 8. If you are not sure about the correct flash time, refer to the documentation of your PBX to check what the recommended time is.

Memories The telephone has 12 memories. Numbers to can be stored on the following keys: , and. All the memories can contain a maximum of 16 digits each.

With the handset on hook, the stored numbers can be visualized by pressing the MEM key , followed by the memory key. Just insert, before the number that will be stored, the access code for external line followed by a pause press the PAUSE key. Call Identification If the call identification service has been contracted together with your local operator, the telephone number and the name of the call originator can be seen on the display, before taking the handset off hook.

The information will be shown on the display after the second telephone ring. If the telephone is answered before this, the identification information will not be shown on the display. In the case of Long Distance Calls the received number will be showed with the area code.

Now for calls with the same area code that are programmed in the telephone, the caller's number will be shown on the display without the area code. If the caller number is not sent, it will not be shown on the display and will not be stored in the list of received calls. The time and the date will be stored for future consultation. The information received will be shown during the conversation, disappearing when the handset is replaced on hook.

Indication of received calls With the handset on hook, the display will show the following information: number of received calls, number of new calls, current time and date. Consultation of received calls To consult the received calls, press one of or , with the handset the ARROW keys on or off hook. In the list of new calls unanswered calls still not reviewed , you can enable or disable the telephone to check repeated calls see the item Other configurations on page 8.

When the repeated call indicator REP is enabled and there are repeated calls without verification they are listed as NEW , the telephone will store only the last call of each repeated number. When the check of repeated calls is disabled, all the calls will be stored in the list of received calls, even if it is repeated.

Password The key lock function is protected by a 4 digit password. The default password is , and it can be modified. When the password is entered, the characters " - " hyphens replace the password digits as or they are keyed in. If there is an error in the repetition of the password, the telephone will ask the new password again. When the telephone is programmed to lock long distance calls, it is not possible to make calls for numbers beginning with 0.

When it is programmed to lock international calls, it is not possible to make calls for numbers beginning with When it is programmed for locking mobile phone numbers, it is not possible to make calls for numbers beginning with 8 or 9.

This function is useful, for and example, to program an emergency number for children in case the parents are absent. This function requires the password for activation and deactivation. After the call, the equipment will return to the previous state of programmed lock. Function keys for special services This telephone incorporates facilities to access some special services on your telephone line.

Call Waiting If during a conversation you hear the warning tone of a waiting call, you can answer it by pressing the Call Waiting key. The first call will be retained. When you wish to pass from one call to another, press the Call Waiting key again.

The procedure can be repeated as many times as you wish. To finish the communication in progress and continue with the other, press the Release Call key. To finish the last communication, just hung up. Consultation When, during a conversation, you wish to make a consultation, press the FLASH key to get the dial tone again. Dial the desired number to set up the consultation communication.

Once the consultation is made, press the Call Waiting key to change between the calls or the Release Call key to finish the communication in progress and continue with the other one. Firstly set up two communications by using the procedures of Call Waiting or Consultation described earlier.

Then press the Conference key to establish simultaneous communication among the three people. This service has an access code that can be programmed in the Mailbox key see the item Mailbox on page 7. The alarm stops ringing after 40 seconds or after lifting the handset. If the telephone is off hook at the programmed time, there will be no audio signaling, only the message on the display. The alarm rings at a single volume, independent of the ring volume programming.

The melody of the ring is the same programmed for the call signaling and the ring rhythm of the alarm 1 second followed by a 3 second pause is distinct from the normal rhythm generated by central office exchange. Cuando se desea pasar de una llamada para otra, presionar nuevamente la tecla Llamada en Espera.

El procedimiento puede ser repetido cuantas veces se desee. Primero establezca dos comunicaciones usando los procedimientos de la Llamada en Espera o Consulta, descriptos anteriormente.

Poniente No. Industrial Vallejo Deleg. Azcapotzalco, C. F Tel. Condiciones: 1. Producto: Marca: Modelo: No. To go back to conversation, press the MUTE key again. Enmiendas o tachaduras en los datos de la factura de compra. Falta de factura de compra original. Falta de fecha en la factura de compra.

En caso de falla, Siemens S. Siemens S. Customer Care Center: de lunes a viernes de 9 a 18Hs. Related documents.


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