The Electro-Voice TX excels where all other dual, 15" loudspeakers fail - transient detail. The secret to the TX is its combination of dual, SMX low-distortion woofers with an integrated analog crossover that uses elliptical filters to achieve 36 dB per octave slopes at the crossover frequency. The result is crossover performance that surpasses many electronic DSP devices and bi-amping. This combination results in excellent pattern control in medium throw applcations. The TX has a variety of features that make it equally suited for portable or fixed installation applications.

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ProSoundWeb Community. Please login or register. Member Offline Posts: I have engineered 50 or so shows on an EV TourX rig and rather like them. I think they are much nicer than my MRX stuff actually. Heavier yes. Funky handles IMO.. Flyable though. Just by specs, it is very sensitive, goes to db peak with a modest power amp and has the HF out of the EV line array.

It looks like a good buy to me. I was thinking of a biamp system with one TX top over one QRx sub per side as a system that will stay at a venue. Powered by an RMX each side. Quote from: kel mcguire on March 12, , pm. Bullwinkle: This is the amplifier, which amplifies the sound. This is the Preamplifier which, of course, amplifies the pree's.

Justin Staszewski Jr. Quote from: Tim Weaver on March 12, , pm. Quote from: Justin Staszewski on March 13, , am. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possible can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something. Quote from: Tim McCulloch on March 13, , am.

I always get compliments when I use them. Quote from: Tim Weaver on March 13, , pm. I've heard the TX and they are great sounding box. I'm not sure why the guys are giving you such a hard case about midrange. I think it's well established that front loaded 12 and 15 boxes don't have a lot of throw or array well in bigger systems, and yes, you'll have plenty of low mids with a double Bottom line is the TX has surprising clarity and punch. I think the 4th order rolloffs on the passive crossovers keeps a lot of the usual midrange hash out of the crossover region.

These would work great for working bands that are playing clubs with crowds up to On top of a double 18 gives you a great 2 box ground stack that gets the horn up just high enough to get over the top of the crowd. Anyone who diss'es these hasn't heard them -or just needs a box that performs in much bigger venues.

Here is a thread on the same topic. Harmonycat makes some interesting points. I definitely don't agree with his comment about members of this forum. Dual fifteens suck for midrange. Logged Bullwinkle: This is the amplifier, which amplifies the sound. What a pithy response! Pretty sure there are more than a few owners of SRX's here that will differ in opinion.

The midrange coverage and "projection" were reasons we passed on them and bought used KFe. Bigger, heavier, and much more likely to meet the needs of our clients. Oh, we're into JBL in a big way mid-six figures , but not into the So while Mr.

Weaver may appear pithy, he's spot on. Logged "Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven's sake. I agree as well. Just seemed a little snarky for no reason. I have a over QRX rig and it sounds fantastic. The 's are the better option if you don't want to bi amp your tops as the 's are biamp only but really sweet sounding.

I am growing increasingly weary of people trying to buy a dual fifteen cabinet just because "that's what everyone else is doing" or "the specs say it will get louder than xxx".

There is no reason to use a dual fifteen cabinet IF you are also using subs. If you are looking for a single-box solution, then by all means, use a box.

The tradeoff's are that you will get much better bass response at the expense of midrange beaming and relatively poor crossover performance due entirely to the fact that the horn driver is forced to play down low where it may lose pattern control and have poor efficiency. A cabinet makes a decent drum monitor. I'll give you that. Since I have typed this response at least times over the years, I guess I should just save it so I can copy and paste into these posts that pop up every three days.

That way I won't be so "pithy". Nothing wrong with pithy! I'm with you on this. I hate a double 15 as a top box. I think it's the way they have it crossed over. I'll take my SLS over any of them. Logged chuck clark Sr.


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