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Di Ann Brashares. Carica Accedi Iscriviti. Home Libri Narrativa romantica. Salva per dopo Salva Grande amore per dopo. Crea una lista. Scarica nell'app. Lunghezza: pagine 5 ore. Descrizione Un appassionante viaggio nel tempo scandito dai battiti del cuore Daniel ha attraversato gli oceani del tempo per trovare Sophia.

Ma lui sa che si sono conosciuti molto tempo prima, nel d. Brevi, fugaci attimi che la morte ha sempre brutalmente spezzato. La sua scrittura ricorda molto Nicholas Sparks. I lettori la divoreranno. Vi innamorerete perdutamente di questa storia: un amore cosmico tormentato e appassionante. Titoli di questa serie Visualizza altro. La battaglia delle Termopili Autore Andrea Frediani. La papessa Autore Donna Woolfolk Cross.

Il diario del vampiro. Il risveglio Autore Lisa Jane Smith. Gli incubi di Hazel Autore Leander Deeny. La bambina che non poteva sognare Autore Bina Shah. Il centurione Autore Simon Scarrow. Un eroe per l'impero romano Autore Andrea Frediani. Il cacciatore di ossa Autore Stuart MacBride.

Il Templare. CSI Alaska. Primavera di ghiaccio Autore Dana Stabenow. Le donne del vento arabo Autore Razan Moghrabi. Il libro segreto di Dante Autore Francesco Fioretti. Gli ultimi fuochi dell'impero romano Autore Giulio Castelli. Restiamo amici Autore Bruno Burbi. Le ragazze di Kabul Autore Roberta Gately. La vendetta di Augusto Autore Roberto Genovesi. Strane creature Autore Lisa Jane Smith.

L'ultimo eroe di Roma antica Autore Giulio Castelli. Il templare nero Autore Roberto Genovesi. Il collezionista di bambini Autore Stuart MacBride. Che fine ha fatto Mr Y. Autore Scarlett Thomas. La cospirazione degli Illuminati Autore G. La battaglia che ha cambiato la storia Autore Andrea Frediani. Morte all'imperatore!

Autore Douglas Jackson. I diari della mezzanotte Autore Scott Westerfeld. I diari delle streghe Autore Lisa Jane Smith. L'ultima profezia. Categorie correlate. Anteprima del libro Grande amore - Ann Brashares. Inizia i tuoi 30 giorni gratuiti. Pagina 1 di 1. I have been wanting to read this book for a long time. When I first read about it, I was fascinated by the reincarnation aspect of it.

I was not disappointed. I'm not sure if this book is considered YA, but it really didn't have that normal YA feel, if you know what I mean. When Daniel and Lucy 'meet' in the present time, they are teenagers, but Daniel is various ages throughout the book as he recounts his past lives beginning in the s AD.

These are the parts of the book that I most enjoyed Daniel has been reincarnated many times over and he remembers every life he has led. I'm not sure if that would be a blessing or a curse and I do not think that Daniel always looked on it as a blessing either. Lucy does not remember her past lives and when Daniel approaches her with the idea, it spooks her. I mean it would be pretty incredible for someone to come up to you and tell you that you have lived before.

When Lucy and Daniel finally do meet again, there is an element of danger left over from the past that is hellbent to interfere. So, as we approach the end, it is very climactic and exciting and then I was pissed until I found out that this is a planned trilogy. Thank goodness because I'm not sure the book would have survived my wrath. I am a person who likes to think that we are reincarnated each time we die. The reasons for my feeling this way are because of children who have imaginary friends, which I had when I was a child.

I believe that these children are remembering past lives. Also, I believe that the feelings of deja vu we experience throughout life could be shadows of our previous lives. If you normally steer clear of YA novels, don't do it on this one. Like I said, it's not your normal YA book. And if you like an historical aspect in books, you will most probably like it as well. I'm not saying that it has the most extensively researched historical bits I've ever read, but it's believable in its own right.

In all, I recommend this book. I suppose that I could start out by saying that this was a decent book. Am I head over heels for it? Not exactly. But did I want to poke my eyes out? My Name is Memory is the first in a trilogy, which will be a good thing because fans of Young Adult books are bound to relish it.

Daniel has loved Sophia from the first time he saw her, thousands of years ago. Now that she is Lucy, he loves her more. Daniel has the gift of Memory; he can recall all his past lives every time he is born in a new body. For all of his lives he has searched for the reincarnated Sophia, knowing they belong together.

But something, or someone, always seems to tear them apart. He was close to her once, knowing her as Lucy in high school, but he scared her away when he tried to tell her the truth. So he vowed to watch her from a distance, never to interfere, until the day his distance puts her in danger. Brashares writing was just average, and there were parts of the plot that were contrived and forced. I think a lot of younger readers will love My Name is Memory, and a lot of readers who enjoy lighter books.

Will I read the next in the series? Pretty good. This was an interesting concept and the idea of past lives was fleshed out well. I was disappointed in the ending, however. After everything that happened, the last few chapters were too far-fetched and not as believable as the rest of the story.

Overall an entertaining read. Interesting idea, clumsily executed. I kept thinking it was a YA book. The voice of the protagonist is confusing sometimes first person, sometimes third and had jarring colloquial language.

Similar idea done better in "The Gargoyle". This was an interesting premise for a book, and one that was executed very well. A man's soul is reincarnated -- the twist is that he remembers all his previous lives. In the first life he remembers, he accidentally caused the death of a young girl.



Di Ann Brashares. Carica Accedi Iscriviti. Home Libri Narrativa romantica. Salva per dopo Salva Grande amore per dopo.



Ann Brashares — vivente , scrittrice statunitense. Incipit di Grande amore[ modifica]. Sono morto infinite volte. Non ricordo. Quatre filles et un jean has 1 rating and 0 reviews.


The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants/The Second Summer of the Sisterhood



Grande amore


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