Recently, the Health Authority — Abu Dhabi has changed the process of applying for HAAD exam and licensure by requiring nurses to undergo credential verification first. Credentialing is done via Dataflow and exam administration is conducted by Pearsonvue Professional Testing. Associate Degree Nurses from North America. Holders of such programs qualify as Practical Nurses.

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This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Home Healthcare Professionals Qualification Requirements pqr Words: 14, Pages: Preview Full text. Licensure General Requirements 13 1. Educational Qualifications 13 1. Professional Experience 13 1. Professional License and Good Standing Status 14 1.

Primary Source Verification 15 1. Assessment 15 1. Assessment Exemption Policy 16 1. Discontinuity of Practice 17 2. Renewal of Licenses 18 2. Requirements and Considerations 21 4. Physicians Licensure Requirements 21 4. Special Considerations 22 4. Credentialing 22 5. Qualification and Experience Requirements for Physicians Licensure 24 6.

Recognized Specialty Certificates 26 i 7. Requirements and Considerations 51 8. Dentists Licensure Requirements 51 8. Special Considerations 52 8. Credentialing 52 9. Qualification and Experience Requirements for Dentist Licensure 53 Recognized Dental Specialty Certificates 55 Recognized Specialties Titles for Licensing 64 Requirements and Considerations 67 Qualification and Experience Requirements for Nursing Licensure 68 Qualification and Experience Requirements for Midwifery Licensure 70 Requirements and Considerations 73 Anesthesia 74 Audiology 76 Beauty Therapy 77 Cardiac Perfusion 78 Cardiovascular Technology 79 Cast Technician 80 Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition 82 Dental Clinical Support 83 Electro-Neurodiagnostics 85 Emergency Medical Services 87 Genetic Counselor 88 Hair Transplant Technician 89 Laser Hair Removal Technician 90 Medical Imaging 91 Medical Laboratory 94 Medical Physics 96 Radiation Therapy 97 Operation Theatre Technology 99 Physiotherapy Podiatry Prosthetics and Orthotics iii Renal Dialysis Respiratory Therapy Speech Therapy Requirements and Considerations Qualification and Experience Requirements for TCAM Licensure References iv Definitions Accreditation: A formal system to evaluate the quality of services and competency of organizations, systems, training programs or healthcare facilities.

Continuing Professional Development CPD : A range of learning activities through which healthcare professionals maintain and develop their knowledge and skills throughout their career to ensure that they retain their capacity to practice safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice.

Credentialing: A process whereby specific licensing title is assigned to a healthcare professional based on qualifications, training, experience and current practice. Fitness to practice: A status where the healthcare professional is able to consistently demonstrate appropriate professional conduct and behavior, and has the required skills and knowledge to practice without any impediments i.

Healthcare Profession: A field of healthcare recognized by the Authority. Healthcare Professional: A person who by education, training, certification and licensure is qualified to provide healthcare services. Internship: A period of supervised clinical practice pursued by graduates of healthcare programs to consolidate the knowledge gained during their study.

License: A permission granted by the Authority to practice a healthcare profession. Licensing: A process of granting a legally protected professional title by the Authority. Licensing Authority: A body in charge of granting, suspending, revoking or limiting healthcare licenses and privileges.

Primary Source Verification: A process of validating documents required for licensure from the issuing organization. Qualification: An educational evidence granted by universities, colleges, academic institutes or schools that are nationally accredited or formally recognized. This document provides a base for the Authorities to assess the documents submitted by applicants within their geographical jurisdiction to ensure safe and competent delivery of services.

Moreover, it places an emphasis on educational standards, experience and licensure requirements for healthcare professionals to be licensed to practice safely in the UAE and in accordance with the UAE federal laws and benchmarked international best practices.

The Authorities would like to acknowledge the efforts of all individuals who have contributed towards compilation of this document and would like to thank them for their dedicated efforts and assistance. Licensure General Requirements Applicants must fulfill all the following requirements in order to qualify for licensure: 1.

No internship post-graduation is required. In countries that lack regulatory bodies GSC may be accepted if issued officially from last employer. Renewal of Licenses 2. Requirements and Considerations 4. This does not apply to surgical and interventional specialties. However, they shall be reassessed 6 months post licensure for their surgical skills. Bevis for tilladelsetil at betegne sig somspeciallaege Certificate concerning the title of Specialist -Issued by Authority of health services Sundhedsstyrelsen.

Requirements and Considerations 8. Dentists Licensure Requirements Dentists applying for licensure must fulfill the following requirements must hold one of the following degrees: 1. Any applicant holding Conservative specialty degree may apply as General Dentist. The licensing of this healthcare professional will be reviewed after evaluation by the Authorities.

Associate degree in Nursing from Canada or USA with minimum two 2 years course duration And Successful completion of the National exam and Midwifery Certificate with minimum one 1 year course duration.

Qualification and Experience Requirements for Allied Healthcare professional Two 2 years clinical experience post certification. The licensing of this healthcare professionals will be reviewed after evaluation by the Authorities. Phil of minimum two 2 years from a psychology faculty or an educational faculty with focus on psychology provided that the bachelor degree is minimum four 4 years duration Bachelor degree includes B.

Diploma of Osteopathy D. O , Bachelor of Osteopathic Medicine B. Ost Med. Available: www. Elsevier Ltd. World Health Organization, Healthcare Professionals Qualification Requirements pqr Healthcare December Sample Pqr November


HAAD Exam application and licensure

Qualification Requirements PQR which represents a milestone towards fulfilling the UAE strategic objectives to improve the healthcare service provision across the country. For nurses minimum of 20 CME hours is required for License renewal. Minimum One 1 year clinical experience post qualification Assistant nurse program with minimum 18 months course duration Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery of 18 months to three 3 years course duration Specialty Nurse Qualification as Registered Nurse And Post graduate certificate in one 1 of the nursing specialties with minimum one 1 year fulltime course duration Minimum of One 1 year experience in the related specialty field post qualification. The licensing of this healthcare professional will be reviewed after evaluation by the Authorities. BSc in Nursing, or equivalent with minimum three 3 years course duration And Midwifery Certificate with minimum one 1 year course duration Associate degree in Nursing from Canada or USA with minimum two 2 years course duration And Successful completion of the National exam and Midwifery Certificate with minimum one 1 year course duration.


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