The team will focus on three research axes using a multidisciplinary translational approach involving epidemiologists, biostatisticians, clinicians, immunologists, and health economists, and major research tools and platforms, i. It focusses on developing and deploying new technology to better collect patient-reported outcomes PRO , including quality of life, in patients in long-term, hospital-based, HIV care. By identifying risk profiles for those with poorer quality of life, this work ultimately aims to inform and improve care for those aging with HIV. She is interested in the development, validation and deployment patient-reported outcomes both in controlled and routine settings , health services and health evaluation and outcomes research. Search for:. Bordeaux population Health.

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Hépatites virales

Therapy should preferentially target patients with active chronic hepatitis. However, long-term nucleoside analogue administrations are preferred to interferon-alpha in most cases, although they may induce viral resistance warranting replacement of the first analogue or switching for another one. For delta hepatitis virus HDV coinfection, solely interferon-alpha seems efficient although permanent relapses occur after discontinuation of therapy. Concerning HCV, combined therapy of pegylated interferon-apha plus ribavirin is recommended for a months treatment duration depending on the viral genotype. For nonresponder or relapser patients, no consensual approach has been recommended so far. Fortunately, new anti-HCV drugs are under evaluation and should substantially improve the outcome of HCV infection in the next few years.


VIH, hépatites virales et comorbidités : épidémiologie clinique et santé publique – MORPH3Eus






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