This manual contains materials protected under International Copyright Laws. All rights reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced, transmitted or transcribed without the written consent of the manufacturer. CF card Compatible List

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This manual contains materials protected under International Copyright Laws. All rights reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced, transmitted or transcribed without the written consent of the manufacturer.

CF card Compatible List It takes H. Specially, the advanced remote function of 3G surveillance and CMS is added so that users can simultaneously operate and control multiple DVRs that are distributed in different areas through the network interface. This product also supports Pentaplex, which enables Live, Record, Playback, Backup and Network to be performed simultaneously. This high-quality DVR is absolutely the best choice for your security surveillance.

The 24 silver screws in one pack are provided for screwing HDDs. Jog and Shuttle Jog and shuttle enable user to operate DVR easier in handling such as fast forward, fast reverse playback and one frame movement in still picture.

To release button locking, password will be requested after pressing LOCK button. If correct password is input, button locking 7. And then direction buttons for panning and tilting can be pressed. NOTE: Sequential display icon would be shown on the left-up side of the monitor after sequential display is turned on.

Searching menu can be displayed by pressing this button. It support 2 to 16 times playback speed. If it is pressed again, playback will continue to play. They also can be used to input password in OSD keyboard. ENTER button is used to select and save parameter in the menu. And also in playback it is used to select one of listed file for playback after searching recorded files.

When this button is pressed,password is requested. When right password is input, DVR power will be turned off. USB 2. Please refer to Appendix2 for CF compatible list 9. FAN System fan 2. If they are mixed, DVR can not be operated properly ch loop through outputs 16 channel composite video outputs with BNC connectors.

If the connection of loopthrough video outputs into another video equipments is requested, 16ch loopthrough outputs can be utilized for it ch audio input RCA Connect the audio source to audio input.

The other is used to monitor SPOT output which displays all of connected video channels sequentially. DC 19V. RS It can be utilized for future option. Alarm input and relay output 16 alarm inputs and 4 relay output with NO, NC To make secure connections on the Alarm Connector Strip, press and hold the button After releasing the pin, pull gently on the wire to make certain it is connected.

To disconnect a wire, press and hold the connector pin above the wire and pull out the wire. Connect the ground side of relay output to COM connector. You can select NO or NC, according to characteristic of mechanical or electrical switch. Remote PC viewer software via network enable you to access live viewing, searching and other available functions.

Make sure that you have turned on the esata external storage device before DVR power on. First, open the upper casing by using a screwdriver to loosen the screws. The screws are located at the top 1 , on the sides 4 and at the back 2 of DVR as indicated by the red circles. Remove the screws and keep them in a safe place for latter use. Once the upper casing is removed, the internal layout can be seen. Once the HDDs are installed into the HDD racks, place the racks back, align them with the holes on the chassis and tighten the screws.

Now place the assembly inside the DVR chassis, align the mounting plates with the mounting holes on the chassis and screw into place. TIME 1. ALARM 5. This includes setting items such as time and date, record parameters, network and so on. Buttons for movement in Menu are direction buttons. Time setup menu will appear on monitor shown as below.

System Date can be input by OSD keyboard. System Time can be input by OSD keyboard. Mouse input is also available Record setup menu will appear on monitor. If EVENT mode is set, the channel would start recording while object movement is detected or sensor in is triggered. NOTE: While live viewing, the mode icon would be shown on each channel to indicate which mode was set. Turning on Audio is possible using a remote control.

A horn icon will appear on the screen. Schedule setup menu will appear on monitor. When the record mode in record setup is set as schedule mode, the DVR will use the weekly schedule defined here to control the recording function. The procedure for setting the recording schedule is shown below.

NOTE: The mode selected will be highlight with orange rectangle. The time interval will change to the color of the selected recording mode. Use the same procedure to set the recording modes for each time interval. If a channel's recording mode is set as schedule, its recording mode will be changed according to the recording schedule set here.

Motion setup menu will appear on monitor. When it is ON, once the Alarm in is triggered, it will activate the Alarm out in response. If OFF is set, the key tone would be mute while pressing the buttons on front panel. If OFF is set, the buzzer would be mute while alarm is triggering.

When it is ON, the network will add an Setting option for user making settings. Network setup menu will appear on monitor. Subnet Mask can be input by OSD keyboard. Gateway can be input by OSD keyboard. Port can be input by OSD keyboard. When the setting is OFF, the Network function will be terminated. OSD will appear a small keyboard, which can be used with the direction and Enter buttons on the front panel or with the mouse. Alert Address: when alarm or motion detection is triggered, send mail to the specified box.

Note: Make the setting based on actual bandwidth of the network the higher the resolution or the more the photos, the more the bandwidth you need. Allows the saving of user preferences.

Press the Func key on the remote control and press the numbers 1, 2, 3, in order. Then press the Enter key to control the DVR selected. If set as YES, the Toolbar will be hidden until the mouse cursor is moved to the bottom of the screen. CH16 To choose the camera to be setup.

Higher values result in increased brightness. Picture of the CH to adjust Would be shown here For easier adjustment. With the mask you can remove some parts of the view from the active motion detection area.

Note: when first using hard drive for DVR, be sure to format the hard drive first! To choose the file type for data backup. User can use MARK function to select more than one file to backup. NOTE: Press the number button in front panel identical to the number shown in each function button, and then each function button is selected and highlighted with orange rectangle. The selected button can be executed by pressing Enter button.

Select the channel, recording mode and date for video search in Search by Calendar menu shown as below. And then double click or use the direction and ENTER buttons to select the date which want to search. The recording data that matches the search conditions are as shown below: Use the mouse or direction buttons to select the specific time red frame to playback or backup.

Select the photos to be backed up and press Backup button to back them up; as graphically demonstrated in the picture below: One Admin and four general User accounts are available. Click on this button with the mouse cursor and the Live display will change to the Full Picture mode.

Further clicks cycles through the channels. Click on this button with the mouse cursor and the Live display will change to the Quad mode. Click on this button with the mouse cursor and the Live display will change to the 8-split mode. Click on this button with the mouse cursor and the Live display will change to the 9-split mode.


8CH/16CH H.264 Standalone DVR ADR User Manual Version 1.3

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