Dt Sheet. It is designed to operate in a variety of low power radio applications. All popular radio frequencies from MHz to MHz may be supported by simply choosing the appropriate external components. Particular emphasis has been placed on low current consumption.

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Pages: [1]. Read times previous topic - next topic. I contacted him, and he said he no longer holds this kind.. Does anyone know where I can buy such a module based on the RXA chip? This module seems very nice, and even works on 5v, which is perfect for me because I use Arduinos that are 5v and not other voltages.. I hope someone knows.. Thank you. Most, if not all of the cheap MHz receivers on eBay work on 5V, and they will all work in your project.

You will need a program to decode the transmissions regardless of which chip you use. When I checked this specific remote control with the cheap receiver and a Logic Analyzer, it seems that indeed the receiver is affected by this remote.

The problem is that the durations that this remote causes the receiver to output, seems to be inconsistent.. That's why I think it would be simpler to use the chip that was used in the USB Receiver that comes with the remote Whats the chip in the picture below the receiver. Quote from: mauried on Oct 04, , am. Yes, but whats doing the decoding of the data coming from the receiver. The receiver just outputs a raw binary data stream. That data stream has to be decoded by something to make it meaningful.

ASK receivers will pick up anything thats transmitted on the frequency they are tuned to, not just transmissions from your remote. Hi jremington Quote from: jremington on Oct 05, , am.

Quote from: card5 on Oct 04, , am. Yes, you do have to reverse engineer the code. It may not be easy. The best way to try and reverse engineer unknown data formats, is to bypass the radio link altogether, and look at the data format as its generated, ie in the remote thats doing the transmitting. Its then easier to define where the start of the data packet is , and you will then get more consistancy. The most common formats are Manchester coding or the data format used by PT type encoders.

But, its still not an easy task. Quote from: mauried on Oct 05, , pm.


RX3310 Receiver. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent



RX3310A-LF RX3310A RX3310 SSOP-18 HIMARK


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