It changed its name to Resorts World Bhd upon it conversion into a public company on 14 July On 30 August , Genting Berhad and Resorts World underwent a restructuring exercise, which resulted in Resorts World acquiring from Genting Berhad of its entire gaming, hotel and resort-related operations inclusive of goodwill and other relevant assets. Resorts World is principally involved in a tourist resort business at Genting Highlands and its activities cover leisure and hospitality services, which comprise amusement, gaming, hotel and entertainment. The jewel of its crown is Genting Highlands Resort, in which Resorts World owns, develops and manages.

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Most of the investment in were made in the road sector reflecting the dire need for improved road infrastructure felt in all regions of Somalia. The second most important area was water and sanitation provision as well as solid and liquid waste management. Local governments also invested in commercial infrastructure to boost local economic development as well as in health and education services and social infrastructure such as community and sport centres.

An independent study of the LDF contribution to the road sector in Somalia commissioned by DANIDA in stresses several significant impacts beyond direct economic gains that the LDF support produced, such as improved perception of local administration; enhanced business development and easy access to factor and production markets; improved town cohesion and urbanization; and eventually, better peace and security. There are plans to expand the LDF to the new federal member states in the south of the country to support their stabilization and development.

The innovations include use of a bulk transfer mechanism via state Treasuries as well as a graduation scheme for districts where the LDF has achieved its objectives to allow new, less developed, districts to join the LDF.

UNCDF, together with the other JPLG partners, is working on transforming the LDF into an intergovernmental transfer system for discretionary and sector capital and recurrent grants to be fully owned and implemented by the partner governments.

UNCDF is working on transforming the LDF into an intergovernmental transfer system to be fully owned and implemented by the local governments.

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10 things to know about United Plantations before you invest

I believe there are two different approaches to answering the question above. This seems logical but this view is short-term and involves speculating on an event a rise in crude palm oil prices which may or may not happen in the near future. Secondly, for savvy investors, their focus is not on the short-term price movements of crude palm oil. Source: IndexMundi. It is an example of a stock that has sustained a track record of largely stable growth despite the price volatility of palm oil. Here are 10 things you need to know about United Plantations before you invest.

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