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Panchangam tells us which day is good, which day is bad, which time is suitable to start a work etc. We can get benefits by selecting right time to start a new event or by avoding bad time to start our events.

Varjyam , Rahu kaalam , Durmuhurtam are main time periods consider as bad time during a given day. We should select an appropriate tidhi , nakshatram , yogam for our work.

In Kartari period we should not start or do construction works. Mudhami period is the time in which we should not start or conduct any new events ,marriages, gruhapravesams, other subhakaryams. We are here with panchangams which are available to download caluculated by Sri Giri Raju Sidhanthi and Sri Aravind sidhanthi We can provide your complete horoscope as a manually written " Horoscope Prediction Book ".

It's not a computerized print out. Contact us to get your personalised jataka reports, palmistry reports, vastu reports, match compatibility reports, new borns reports, subha muhurtams etc. Click Here to contact oursubhakaryam. Toggle navigation.


Telugu years

If you are not satisfied with a particular paid service you must cancel the subscription before the end of the free trial period to avoid any fees. Some of our services offer more controls and privacy practices. See details of certain products and services. The required fields are labeled with the name name email website notifying me via follow-up comments via email. This calendar counts the data based on the necessary Shalivahana Earth reaction Shalivahana Shaka which begins its tally from the supposed date of the founding of the Empire of the legendary hero Shalivahanacitation. If you are not satisfied with a particular fee-based Service you must cancel the subscription before the Free Trial ends to avoid charges.


KR panchangam - Jaya nama samvatsara vishishtatha by Kandadai Ramanujacharya

Each Yuga Era has a cycle of 60 years. Each year of Ugadi year has a specific name in Panchangam Astronomical calendar based on astrological influences and the name of the year would represent the character of that year. For example, the Telugu name for is "jaya", repeated in Ugadi is the Telugu new year festival that comes in the spring season usually March or April. These years always change on Ugadi. In ancient days Yogis saints interact directly with god, according to that, they have given information related to our Indian Kalachakra time-cycle by considering Lord Shiva Destroyer of bad , Lord Vishnu Manager of good and bad , Lord Bharmha Creator of things and Goddess Shakthi Energy life's span. Below is the Indian Kalachakra time-cycle :.


Telugu Gantala Panchangams


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