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Powered by MacWebsiteBuilder. Beyond The Crossroads. Paul Oscher interview. AG biography. AG books Mister Satan's Apprentice. AG gigs. AG music "Southbound". Gussow's music videos. Nat Riddles. Blues Jams forum. SuperBee posts Jun 21, AM. Just wondering if anyone here has use the JP harp lesson CDs? I honestly could not remember if I'd learned anything. I think I was happy to hear JP speak, but I didn't want to have to listen to him every time I wanted to recall the exercises so it put me off.

I'd have preferred a book. I do remember feeling disappointed the book was not comprehensive or even set the exercises out. So I think I didn't use it much. It's all a long time ago. Well, today I put on cd2 and listened to it, and I wrote out all the exercises. I think These were included under a long 10 minute track called 'bending' or 'bending exercises'. I'll digress for a moment I listened to the whole of cd2 and several times I noticed the similarities to the things Jimi Lee taught me.

These bending exercises are actually licks They are bent notes as actually used in playing Chicago style blues.. And as such I believe they are very worthwhile Which is why, as soon as I realised what he was telling me, I wrote them down. Can you believe this I have a dvd of Jerry with muddy waters' band in 76, and I actually was watching Jerry take a solo and trying to note his licks Some are the same as JL prescribed for me He has these for blow bends also.

Great stuff. You know, jp advocates lipping from 3 down, tb from 4 up I don't do that but maybe I could learn to I just feel it's hard to bend properly without tongue blocking, but I also know I used to do it so I can learn to do it again Listening on I found the 'double and triple tonguing' lesson in which he gives an exercise I now recognise as the opening 4 bars of Jr wells' famous 2nd position solo from messing with the kid I like the way he suggests to learn this and other technique like vibrato, to do groups of 3 or 4 repeats and gradually build up strength.

Add repeats until you can sustain the effect. I liked his section on vibrato I think when I bought this, I probably didn't know how to practice or was too impatient to work through it systematically, wanted to get it all at once. Listening to it today I can recognise there is a bunch of really good advice. But it is not something to try and do all at once. Treat it like a progressive program, focus on topics and put in the work, and I think probably a very good resource.

Now, where'd I put my notes? There's so much good stuff in there. It's just lots of Good stuff. I loved it. I was going to sell it when i was done listening to it,but I'm keeping it. I hate books. This was the best way i could learn. Listen in the car. Matter of fact I'm going to listen to it again tomorrow SuperBee posts Jun 21, PM. It's great to be able to hear the demonstration but no notes is the drag for me I don't want to have to find something to play the cd on all the time. I don't practice while driving.

I practice at the bus stop or when I'm walking or while I'm waiting I'm so slack I just want to flip open the page with the exercise and do it Play that again I'm like that with video too. I watch them the first time but I find it really de-energising to watch videos repeatedly.. Which is why I like Barrett's stuff I watch the video, and then I've got the track, the exercise notes, and a study track to work with. If I missed something I can go back and watch again, but mainly I just use the paper.

No big deal, this is a good set. I just have to make my own notes. One of the really exciting things that happened back in I remember Dave B told me he had asked Jerry a question on my behalf I wondered why JP thought that was best, and Dave asked him He also said don't worry about it if you don't feel it's a problem; do what you're comfortable with.

I could hardly believe I was getting personalised answer from Jerry Portnoy. Now I understand many of the great players are really quite approachable, but at the time that spun me out. SuperBee posts Jun 22, PM. Ha, and I just realised this: the backing tracks are designed for you to use an A harp So the tracks are in E, A and B. I alwAys thought B was a weird choice but I see now it is done so you can practice playing an A harp in 3rd position Jim Conway, the Australian pro player, recommended this course to me back in I dunno Maybe ' Jim told me he had learned a lot from it Guest Name Message Characters Left.


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