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There is an order of operations to understand as you develop content on your site. You must first create a category and then into categories you'll save the articles that you write.

After saving the articles into categories, you'll like single articles, multiple articles or entire categories to menu items to be displayed on the front end of your site. The video below demonstrates how to create categories in Joomla.

Written instructions with screenshots follow the video. First, log into the back end of your site and open to the Category Manager. Categories are like folders that exist primarily in the back end of your site.

Categories are a way to save information logically and you can create infinitely many categories and nested categories sub-categories. Click on the "New" button to create a new category. Whenever you are creating something like a category, article, menu item or module, pay attention to the asterisks.

These asterisks indicate required information. As you create an category, you will notice that there is only one asterisk. The title is the only information needed to successfully create a category. There are many other useful functions available, and you should learn these functions. Create a title for the category.

The "Save" button will let you save the category, but the category will stay open for you to work. You will receive the green message indicating that you successfully created the category, and the Category Manager will now display the category you created.

Remember that you can create infinitely many categories in the back end of your site. Once you have successfully created a category, the next step is to create an article.

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