Christmas memories Christmas memories For some years, travellers, artists and famous Dresdeners have been writing gushing memories of Christmastime in Dresden. The glittering Christmas trees, decorated with tinsel, colourful scraps of paper, and gold fruit; the little brightly lit mangers with the Baby Jesus; the creepy Knecht Ruprecht; the prune chimney-sweeps; the peculiar taper-candle pyramids in all sizes; and finally the crush of buyers and polite beckoning of salespeople …it all created a sense of festive excitement. My father would collect about 30 or 40 pounds of toasted mangold, which people would use as a coffee substitute, and carry this in a sack on his back for five hours from Dresden to Pulsnitz, his load further weighed down by other objects he would agree to carry for other people on commission. That is to say, Dresden is becoming a big city, and, it had it coming, all the poor people who did their Christmas shopping here, and who depended on the charity of compassionate people, have now been relegated to Antonsplatz.

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Additional Information In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: 84 biography Vol. Eakin shows the force of this appeal by pushing the metaphoricity of autobiography a step further, beyond the text to the act of writing itself: "In this way, extending James Olney's view, we might speak of the autobiographical enterprise as doubly metaphoric: the autobiographical act, like the text it produces, would be a metaphor of self p.

Thus Eakin's analysis, which began by focusing on the creative operations of autobiographical writing under the pressures of the writer's present life, ends by raising that symbol-making activity itself into a symbol. And what does it symbolize? Eakin doesn't appeal to the familiar myth of rebirth in or through autobiography; he claims instead that "the autobiographical act functions symbolically as a second acquisition of language" p.

The autobiographer is born again, not as the squalling infant was born, but as the little tyke who recognizes himself by saying "I. We may be profited by those analyses, for Paul John Eakin is a gifted reader of prose works, but we will come away from his theoretical maneuvering as bemused as ever by the potentiality of autobiography to generate myth. American University Series. With this book, Catherine Fraser might have been commended for having used little known autobiographies and scrutinizing them with the most current literary methodology reserved for more obvious fictional modes.

However, the resulting study fails to make a deft contribution to autobiography as literary genre and remains mostly literal "plot" summaries of the rarely read memoirs. The basis of comparison is justified because these artists an illustrator, sculptor, and REVIEWS 85 painter, respectively were all born within a year of each other , were acquainted, lived through the Napoleonic invasion of Dresden, and were exposed to similar cultural influences.

Their memoirs, moreover, all cover mainly their boyhoods and the years of apprenticeship. Acknowledging that other comparative studies of these three works have concentrated on the emergent picture of the artistic and historical times, the Biedermeier period, Fraser intends to be more literary and "to analyze each autobiography individually for its stylistic merits, to trace influences not just in content, but also in the narrative techniques employed, and simultaneously to address the broader question of the relationship between autobiography and fiction" p.

However, at this point of her career, Fraser seems to have neither the intellectual acquaintance or the analytic skill to apply complex novelistic strategies: unreliable narrators, metaphors of plot, subliminal wish-fulfillment structures, linguistic signs Access options available:.


Jugenderinnerungen eines alten Mannes Von Kügelgen Wilhelm



Jugenderinnerungen eines alten Mannes


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