Kamma is a caste from South India. The community of Kammas is that of agricultural families originating from the Kammanadu region of the Guntur and Prakasam districts in Andhra Pradesh. They also have a notable, albeit smaller, presence in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The modern community of Kammas is believed to have originated from agriculturists of the Kammanadu region in coastal Andhra Pradesh.

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However, as the famous author Dan Brown quoted, historyis always written by the winners and in the process of evolution the winners are never stagnant and changed with every era. When the winners changed every time the existing history was obliterated and new history is created with an objective to elevate their own cause and denigrate others.

Zamindari clans of Velamas have got their history penned during British regime and this book had made a valuable contribution to the history of Andhra Pradesh, as well to South India. Correspondingly, Sir C.

Reddy Kattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy , who was curious to know the roots of his caste, Reddys, approached the eminent historian of his time Shri Mallampalli Somasekhara Sharama to conduct research and script a book on Reddys.

Similar kind of efforts cannot be seen in the case of Kammas for the reasons unknown. It is an obligation on the part of contemporary youth to understand the history of Kammas and the eons in which they created a history or changed its course with their contributions. But how do they learn it? Of them was the older one written by Shri Kotha Bhavayya Chowdary long back, which tried to cover the evolution of Kamma caste exhaustively.

It, to a major extent plugged the inadequacy that the history on Kammas was not available. However, it too failed to give a definite conclusion on key aspects akin to the roots of Musunuri Prolaya Nayaka and Kapaya Nayaka, who several antique inscriptions mentioned as Kammas.

However there is some valuable literature said to be available in Saraswati Mahal, Tanjavur Tamilnadu. So as to attend this issue and offer this generation a succinct material on the history of Kammas, Kamma Association of Ameerpet, Hyderabad constituted a small committee of experts and academicians to get the history written a decade back.

Muppalla Hanumantha Rao in the year Rao spent his valuable time and cross-checked with several archives available in different libraries akin to Chennai library.

Nevertheless, there are certain monthly magazines run by Kamma associations and certain private individuals. Additionally, some other magazines are being run from other parts of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu. By: admin Feb 03, About Kamma. Post Views: 1, Tags: Kamma history , Kammas.

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Kamma (caste)


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