Discussion in ' Stove Forum ' started by seabeejeeper , Jun 9, Log in or Sign up. Classic Camp Stoves. M stove Discussion in ' Stove Forum ' started by seabeejeeper , Jun 9, Ok gents, first post, and an interesting find. Well first things first, Im a navy seabee, attached to a reserve unit as active duty support.

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This is an attempt to clarify some of the names of the various US military stoves we run into. In the sake of expedience I've brazenly stolen most of the photos from current ebay auctions because I don't have time this morning to dig my stoves out and make pictures.

This is the M stove. Coleman called it the I have seen examples made by Coleman and AGM. This is the M Single Burner. This is the M The one shown is dated and there were too many makers to list.

These were also made well into the s by a number of companies. There were a couple of variations on the case for the two burner, though most seem to be the aluminum lower, stainless upper shown here. Some of the cases were stamped with the Medical Department caduceus flanked by the letters US. Some are just stamped US. Some of the stove are stamped on the frame USMD. These are the containers that came with the single burner stoves.

On the left is the Cookset, Mountain. It was issued either with the M stove or as a separate item. The shiny one 3rd from left is the case issued with the M This one is shiny because I polished it.

In service it would have been dull like the ones next to it. The M case had a staple on each half to allow the wrench to be used as a pot handle. The 2nd and 4th are the case for the M which was carried over to the M It uses a two position bayonet catch to keep the halves closed.

The two position feature allows it to be used with either the M or the M There is no provision for a handle if used as a pot. So we have the M, M 1-burner, M and M 2-burner. This catalog has some other stoves but not any of the other military GPAs of the time such as the , and other heaters and speciality GPAs.

As a final confusion, there is also the Stove, Tent M which is a wood burning stove often listed on ebay as a Yukon stove. It was designed to heat large squad bay type tents. I hope this is useful. Note: Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.

Many features may not work properly without it. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings. Username or Email. Password Forgot your password? Keep me logged in. The best place for information regarding Coleman stoves, lanterns and other gas pressured appliances! Senior Member posts gearhead Senior Member posts. Dear Fellow Members-Just won a pristine M stove that was owned by a Rogers employee and never used!

Bought two rebuild kits from Old Coleman Parts. I have worked on dual burner Coleman stoves, but never the M I understand that Neats foot oil applied to the plunger leather seal will bring it back to life, but am a newbie on replacing the check valve rubber and cap gasket.

Have tried to find the M Military Tech manual with no luck. Chucker Super Moderators 16, posts. Welcome from Michigan, John. A couple of members have recently posted what you're asking about. Great stoves to work on and use! Chuck " Pleasant words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Congrats but pics or as they say it didn't happen.

SteveRetherford Dr. Steve , Keeper of the Light!!! Thanx guys! GREAT info! Have not received stove yet, but will let you'all know when I do! Pretty cool that it was owned by an employee of Rogers who never used it!

Almost forgot, but where is the spare generator holder located? It appears to be a small door that pivots out of the stove body. Did the manufacturer included spare parts in the pump assembly? The vendor that I spoke with suggested that I try lighting her, but I was going to see if she pumped up and held air pressure first.

At the minimum I plan on soaking the leather pump seal in Neats foot oil -Gearhead JimL The Red Lantern 10, posts. I just got one myself this past weekend. It appears that all the spare parts I would need to get it going are in the pump tube itself. However, I may want to leave them there to have a 'complete' stove, just as someone in the field would have, and purchase what I need to get it going. I too appreciate the links and picture!

Your post came in as I was writing. I found a spare generator, NRV parts, fuel cap gasket, and pump leather in my pump tube. Sometimes it has a spare graphite packing. IF the pip leaks, pressurized fuel will back up into the pump tube and catch fire.

The OCP kits can come with all of the above and a pump leather. Mike did have just the O-rings before, so search the parts or email mike and his son and they will get you what you need.

Once you rebuild the seals, the stove is a great runner. Be sure to test it each time you use it for that leak as it pays to be cautious. Dear Jim L and Curleyjoe-Thanx again for the great info! I did order two rebuild kits from Old Coleman Parts and plan on soaking the leather seals in Neats foot oil, as that's how one treats them when used in airguns. Still going to pump her up an see if she holds air before using with Coleman fuel. I guess that replacing the rubber pip that's part of the stop valve assembly is no big deal?

The only part that appears to be difficult to install is the fuel tube gasket. Almost forgot, but what is the graphite packing used for? Again, thank you for any detailed information! IF yours seeps fuel at the shaft, then tighten it only until the leak stops. Gand28 I Like Shiny Nickel 10, posts. Graphite packing goes around the valve shaft. Only need replacing if they leak and tightening the packing nut doesn't do the job.

Greg -- Fiat Lux! Sorry, but what valve shaft are you referring to? I perform maintenance for a living and have worked on dual burner Coleman stoves before, but have not received this M yet. I'm not seeing it in the parts breakdown, but perhaps I'm unable to make it out in the low-res picture.

Could you be meaning the gasket for the fuel needle? Part No. John, The packing is on the valve shaft itself. As it turns out, my pump tube has a spare one of those also. With all my lanterns and stoves, I've never had to replace one. It's part number 5 on page of the manual. As others stated, if the valve leaks, snug it up little very little at a time until it stops.

You likely won't have any issues since yours is new. A complete disassembly required. Do the others first. I have several of the stoves and only needed to do one. Salvaged the stove from a total junker all in parts from two stoves just to get one good one.


M-1950 stove

I picked up an M Rogers stove today with a cap full of spare parts springs, jets, handles but I don't really know how to run it. It apparently works on White Gas, Leaded, Unleaded, and I assume also things like alcohol and Naptha - any unpressurized liquid? It has a pump for pressurizing. I've never used a stove like this. Does anyone have experience with this particular stove?


M-1950 Cooking Stove

This is an attempt to clarify some of the names of the various US military stoves we run into. In the sake of expedience I've brazenly stolen most of the photos from current ebay auctions because I don't have time this morning to dig my stoves out and make pictures. This is the M stove. Coleman called it the


US Military M-1950 Stove Manual




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