Super NeoBook. You can use our NeoPlugins and licenses in both VisualNeo and the latest version of NeoBook 5 exactly in the same way. You can start and stop transitions manually or automatically. Send keystrokes and mouse clicks to other Windows applications. Other software providers will have to go a long way to match what you are doing. Use transition effects between screens, such as wipes, dissolves, weaves, etc.

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Are you looking for a way to enhance your VisualNeo's made applications? Because here in this website you can find the best and larger collection of VisualNeo's plugins in the entire world! Enhance all your VisualNeo's applications with a total of 59 plugins, actions and examples.

The best plugins for VisualNeo! NeoPlugins is very proudly to be the larger VisualNeo plugin collection in the world! All the NeoPlugins are distributed with design and runtime versions in order to maintain your programs the most lightweight as possible.

NeoPlugins uses the latest characteristics added by VisualNeo. In the next video you can view how the NeoPlugins MegaPack can enhance the VisualNeo development environment to be more powerful.

Just think about the more than 1. The NeoPlugins help is integrated in VisualNeo and all the provided actions have; their appropiate contextual help, Install assistant, integrated updater, There is no doubt NeoPlugins can be very useful to you in your projects. You know that VisualNeo can doing great things, great and professional programs which helps in your business and company. Now think in what 59 plugins, actions and examples can do for you in order to enhance your VisualNeo projects. You can use our NeoPlugins and licenses in both VisualNeo and the latest version of NeoBook 5 exactly in the same way.

This product demo has no limitations in time nor characteristics. You can try the very latest release of the product, and, only if you find useful for you, purchase one or more licenses. Download for Windows. Press here to purchase. The plug-in allows you to use all the functions of this DLL and therefore connect your publications with its hardware.

The plug-in includes a complete sample publication which uses all the provided actions. You need to have the appropriate model of the Velleman card attached to your computer in order to try this plug-in and the provided sample. The plug-in allows you to use all the functions of the DLL and therefore connect your publications with its hardware.

The plug-in includes two sample publications which use all the provided actions. This plug-in allows to show a complete Calculator attached to a VisualNeo rectangle. Of course you can attach more than one Calculator and control them separately. Every calculator can be customized; colors, options, events, etc. You can press any Calculator button programmatically, get notified when a button is pressed, show a Calculator Tape and retrieve their contents, and of course obtain the last value on the Calculator.

All things in an easy but customizable way. This plug-in allows you to use skinable image areas which can be clicked by the user. Define area regions using a Bitmap colored image each color in the image will be taken as a region ad other optional pictures to the different area region states. You can attach one or more Area objects to host rectangles, and customize every single one with their own images and options. Also you can set and get certain properties of any area region.

And of course be notified when the user clicks on an specific area region. This plug-in offers a fully customizable progress bar control. You can customize the control in various ways, setting the font, colors and other general options. You can manage all the progress bar controls that you need. Every bar object can have their own font, colors, options and events. You can set up to six bar colors and a lot of options that determine, for example, the bar bitmap, direction, bar caption, percentage, max and min progress values, and more.

With this plug-in you can include and calculate one or more customized math expressions on your publications. The expressions can contain numbers, common math operations, variables, constants and subroutines with or without arguments. As you can see on the plug-in samples the plug-in is very easy to use, and you can do simple math expressions calculations or very complex. It all depend on you and your publications needs.

You can control all expressions identifiers, values, and more on every Calc object instance. This plug-in allows you to control up to two Webcams at the same time from your VisualNeo publications. You can play the Webcam video in a VisualNeo rectangle, pause, resume, stop and get images captures from the video.

The plug-in offers you a list of available Webcams and their supported resolutions. You can specify a Webcam and one of the supported resolutions before playing the Webcam video into a VisualNeo rectangle. This plug-in allows you to use fully customizable card calendar controls in your publications. Set colors, fonts and other Card object options. Use the available events and control the Card objects using the provided plug-in actions. The Card objects show only the calendar part, so you can use your own buttons or whatever you want in order to control de Cards objects.

The plug-in also has the appropriate events in order to get the control over encrypt or decrypt operations. You can; abort an operation any time, find if an operation is in progress, etc. And of course you can manage more than one operation at a time.

This plug-in allows you to get informed when the clipboard changes, with the possibility to use more than one Clip object instance to get notify separately. Also the plug-in allows you to work with your own registered clipboard formats. You can register your own clipboard formats in order to paste and copy data with these formats, in the same publication and between publications. Register the clipboard formats and create the Clip objects that you need too. This plug-in is for basic Serial Communications.

The plug-in allows you to create various Comp objects in order to work separately with various COM ports. You can open, close, read, write and set several options and flags on the COM ports.

You can use this plug-in to connect your VisualNeo applications with hardware like Arduino boards, bar-code scanners and other similar hardware with COM ports. The plug-in contains dozens of actions and allows you to use several options, events and subroutines. With this plug-in you can work with INI files and the Windows registry, saving system resources thanks to the plug-in approach. You can manage multiple INI files or Registry objects. On the other hand, you can read Windows registry integer, strings and multi strings values, and much more.

The plug-in is fast and saves system resources, because you do not need to open and write INI files for every value you read or write, but maintain one object instance with the appropriate INI file ready to use. This plug-in allows you to create run-time Timer list objects that can contain one or more Timers. Every list can contain one or more Timers, and of course you can create the Timers lists that you need.

Every Timer can have their own interval, and can run on a counted or cycled behavior. The plug-in allows you to act when a Timer tick event is fired, and also when all the Timers on a list are finished. This plug-in helps to manage your customers licenses, based on unique user names and serials.

This plug-in implements a customizable Partial Serial Number Verification System easy to use in your publications. With this plug-in you can show Desktop Alerts from your publication. Personalize the alerts easily with appropriate plug-in actions and edit forms. Get full control over each alert with the events available in the plug-in. Of course you can manage one or more alerts at a time, and everyone has its own header, text, options, style, fonts, colors, location and events fired when the alerts are going to be displayed; show, close, click, close click, and more!

This plug-in will allow you to display one or more Draw objects within VisualNeo Rectangles. You can use the canvas of this objects to draw; individual pixels, lines, chords, pies, rectangles, rounded rectangles, frames, polygons, cubic Beziers, text and more.

Over 50 actions allow you to get and set; Pen position, color, mode, style and width; get and set Brush color, style and bitmap; get and set fonts previously installed on the system. This plug-in allows you to create and modify Bitmaps from your code. This plug-in allows you to drop files from Windows Explorer onto various VisualNeo publication objects, like rectangles, polygons, pictures and more.

It also allows you to drop files onto the entire publication. The plug-in lets you put one or more target objects in the same publication, activate or deactivate Drop objects, allow or disallow the dropped files, and obtain the files and directories that are dragged. This plug-in allows you to work with files in an advanced mode, being able, for example, to open them in an exclusive way, to be read or written only from your publications and not by others while the file is in use.

You can create as many File objects as you need. Each File object will allow you to create, read and write files, in an exclusive mode or not.

The plug-in allows you to read and write files byte to byte, and more! This plug-in can help you when you need to search for files and directories on your hard drive, even in several places at the same time. This plug-in is very simple, but also very complete, because you can search files, directories, both at the same time, use file masks, dates, sizes, attributes, or all at the same time!

The plug-in has many options on search; notify you when a search progresses or is canceled, when the search engine starts searching in a directory, when it finds directories or files, etc. All in a simple way, using VisualNeo subroutines. This plug-in allows you to use one or more analog meters in your publication.

You can customize each control with their own colors, face, general options and events. Every analog gauge can be presented in three different styles: Left, Center and Right.

Each one allows you to play with many included properties that can be used in order to modify the gauges appearance and behavior. This plug-in allows you to use mouse gestures in your VisualNeo publications. It reacts when your publication user makes mouse gestures with left, right or middle mouse buttons.

Activate the mouse gestures for a specific button or the default button, then specify the VisualNeo subroutine that will be executed by each mouse gesture that the user makes.



NeoBook: non-programmer programming environment Who is this article for? The article is written, first of all, for those who are not a professional programmer, but want to be able to create their own computer programs for computers with Windows. Programming today is a universal competence that will definitely be useful to a person in almost any professional field and, of course, for personal purposes. For teachers of informatics and programming, the article can also be useful, since it deals with NeoBook, a visual programming environment in which you can successfully learn programming from scratch and create full-fledged applications.


NeoBook: non-programmer programming environment




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