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This company is not yet accredited. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. My loan was transferred to Seterus and set up on ACH. My account never had one reversed or bounced payment. I was actually seeing 2 payments debiting my bank. After 6 months I notice they stopped and wanted to know why and how my payment was defaulted and behind???

No way at. Had perfect payment history. Reached out because of a default letter. I was a wreck. Hysterical is not the word how shook up I was. They made absolute no sense and got bogus story iez and have it all, documents and names of reps I spoke with, it was a nightmare.

They said I was delinquent. I provided all bank statements, conferenced the call with bank and Seterus, did everything and still asked for and demand 5, be paid or will go into foreclosure status. One fine day and night, everyday mailing, emailing, faxing paperwork, all proofs. Their payment history my and my billing statements amount nowhere at all matched. I never once was delinquent but you would pay anything to save your family's home.

So what do I do, make a payment broken up into 4 or 5 payments by Western Union same day payment. They said that will clear everything up and something about a bond modification and I didn't understand because I never was originally struggling to make my payments. Meantime they advised me to pay a certain amount until modification approved. Obece for approval letters. Keep making my payments, all of a sudden I receive a letter of default, nothing they can do. And literally a week later my home was foreclosed on no notice, no time We lost our home in less than few weeks, no warning at all.

I even got the newscasters to pick up my story and put us on news, air it in tv or want to file lawsuit, what do I door need to do. My Original mortgage was sold to Seterus. From the moment they bought my mortgage, they would add fee upon fee, claim I was behind on payments then threaten foreclosure.

When I talked to them on the phone, I would be told I owe a certain amount by a certain date. I would pay that and they would tell me the first person quoted me wrong, I really owed more. I struggled to keep my house. Thankfully it is paid off, and I paid thousands more than I should have.

But I no longer have to deal with these awful people. Get buying tips about Loan Companies delivered to your inbox. Spent 3 years being told my payments weren't up to date when they were. Having to constantly do modifications in order to get my mortgage current for them to tell me they weren't on time when they were taken right out of my account.

Numerous payments and fees in suspense with no answer as to why. Threats of foreclosure constantly and my principal never seems to go down. I could go back further, like , when I realized I made 14 house payments to Seterus in Right figure that one out, and in , My total amount of payments were 16 there's only 12 months in a year. That doesn't even include the Nothing in equity payments were higher and higher each month, and nobody had an explanation, pay or Or what. Let's Start back in June I get a call from Seterus employee telling me my mortgage payment is late.

I tell the guy on the phone I paid it on the 28th of May. He tells me they returned it to my bank because of funds. My Chase Bank is the one that sent it you Moron If I didn't have the money in there, they would have notified me that they wouldn't be able to send it. So Trevor from Seterus tells me instead of sending it again, because I have already been charged with the late fee, times 10, let's just send 2 payments in July. Absolutely not Myself and my ex Husband argued with this guy for days, and they kept returning my payment.

So I got yet several charges for no June payment but in July they held one payment and used the other for god knows what. They do everything in their power, to make you late, to charge fees they have no explanation for. I was behind in September My only suggestion was to modify the loan, I filled it out in September, and then was asked again to fill it out in October. My modification started in December I paid the 1st payment, in January I was denied to make a payment in January , which by the way my 2nd and 3rd payments raised over Nothing could be done until the new Lender took over.

We all know you make all payments on time. The employees of Seterus hung up on me. Latasha who was actually considerate said to me "Best of luck with new company. Phillip from this company reassures me everything was going to be great and I was in good hands. That guy seriously deserves a Raise. I wish all employees everywhere were like him. The guy truly must love his job. March 1st I was told to make a payment and when everything was transferred my loan modification would still be the same.

Payment was returned, denied by Mr Cooper for loan modification, etc. No other options at all, Waited 30 days for underwriter, get a Note of Trustee Sale, a letter from Mr. Cooper stating they will not foreclose at this time. Please pay in full Not a day goes by when I think to myself, How in the world could a company do this to me, let alone I have read over 10, people same stories same scenario.

I have contacted Fannie Mae, made an appointment hoping they would be able to help since Fannie Mae is the one who actually owns my home which fell through on their part, never heard back. I have researched so much. Yes I agree with a civil suit, Honest to God who has 10, which now as of April 18th, my total is up to almost 13, that doesn't include attorney fees from Seterus and new lender fees as well, I guess.

Not one person from either company has offered any suggestions, I need help. I was told Seterus had over 5 payments from in suspense, yet why isn't that going towards my due amount, denied as usual, enough is enough. I have 30 days to pray to God my house undersales unfortunately, or the new Lender makes a 5 times profit on it. I honestly wish everyone the Best of Luck and hope that this is taken care of sooner than later. Now I have actually lost my home to another mortgage company Mr Cooper which is the same loser less than efficient mortgage lender Now after sending Seterus paperwork literally four times they claim they never received it and sold my Mortgage.

BIG Disaster!!!! Now horrible Mr. The rudest non efficient non professional mortgage lender in the USA. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I could not be more happy to know my loan will now be serviced by Mr.

The folks at Seterus have an "edge" that is hard to describe. They are not friendly, not helpful, and this is true of everyone I've dealt with there except for the very last call I made, and that guy was great. But he's the only one.

They have a sort of dead tone in their voice, and I suspect have not received any training in being a customer service rep on the telephone. And it comes across. Further, they kept jacking me around on my escrow balance, raising my payment amount, then lowering it when I made up the deficiency instead of just letting me know so I could prevent the change.

Most recently, I noticed I had been paying the wrong amount for months through my bank's autopay. I never received any notice my payment had gone up, and they kept letting my amount update the loan each month so it never showed past due.

I used to work in mortgage servicing, and this is not how it's done.


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